Clitoral pumps and teasers – give your clit an additional teasing boost.

Clitoral pumps and teasers

Most women achieve climax via clitoral titillation. When the C-spot is hyper-aroused, it’s much more responsive to stimulation. Clit pumps and teasers increase blood flow and heighten sensitivity in this orgasmic trigger area.

Clitoral pumps work by creating a vacuum and enlarging the clitoris, making it super sensitive. Clit teasers offer a host of climax inducing features - different vibration patterns, a variety of textures, and even oral simulation.

These clitoral vibrators come in waterproof, rechargeable, battery-powered, wearable, and semi insertable options. Discover the fabulous world of clit pleasing toys for yourself with our comprehensive Clitoral Stimulators' Guide.

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