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Anal Play
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Are you wanting to try anal but have doubts about you or your partner? If you are read my article and I hope it helps.


Contributor: Hummingbird

I've just become curious about trying this and your suggestions are very welcome. Thank you

Contributor: Jennifer87

I love anal sex!!! never thought about it when i was younger but now that we've been married i try to incorporate anal at least a couple times a month. Main thing lube cause doesn't matter how many times i'm still really tight.

Contributor: KDO

Great story, As a Gay man i will say I love Anal..things to remember, talk with your partner about it so that they can understand how your feeling, Take it slow if you need to start with a small toy or finger thats ok, if he doesnt fit in you the first time dont get discurged.. Try again later and yes if you think you might try it make sure your clean (yes I mean go use a anal flushing device and like Jennifer said use a good lube.

Contributor: Andykh

Thank u very much for this insightful advice. This is me so very much by wanting to try anal but too scared to ask my beautiful lovely wife



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