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Excerpt from Confessions of an Ivy League Pornographer

Sam Benjamin
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In this excerpt from Confessions of an Ivy League Pornographer, Sam Benjamin’s memoir of his experiences in the adult film industry, our protagonist finds himself at a porn film shoot, armed with only a camera and his wits, tasked with getting some of the performers to dish...but not too much.


Dr Dick  

HOLY COW! brilliant stuff, Sam.

I discovered that things were almost as dismal on the gay side of things. I too wanted to make sex-positive movies with my company, Daddy Oohhh! Productions. [] And I believe I did; I'm very proud of my my filmography. But the pull of the industry to do it for cheaper and with less regard for the wellbeing of the performers, in the end, did me in. Making a movie that celebrates sexuality is impossible if it's only about parts bumping. When it's soulless; it get to be pretty dismal.

Thanks for your honest perspective. I look forward to more.



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