Sex & Society » Lgbt, Acceptance: "Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: The Impact of Traveling While Butch"
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Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: The Impact of Traveling While Butch

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Contributor: Earthy Girrl
Earthy Girrl  

I find this too when I step outside the gay bubble. I find I'm quickly reminded that there are still a lot of people out there that do not like things that aren't traditional and do not fit in. Thank God I live in San Francisco now, instead of a national park where we'd have to get hush hush about anything remotely gay if in public. Partially caused we lived and worked there. But in such desolation it was great when other gay and trans and gender variant people checked in to stay. It was a pleasure to see our own reflections.

Contributor: CarmenGore262

Ok find new things out everyday

Contributor: AnnieEss

I am a serious, committed fan and have a serious, committed crush on Mr. Sexsmith. I appreciate Mr. Sexsmith's writings on the privileges of living Butch in a big city- the privileges and oppressions of queers are complicated to pull apart. Here in Michigan, my (ex) Butch partner and I were continually stared at in the grocery store, on the street, at community events. More recently, she and her current Femme partner were both called "faggots"- AT THE GROCERY STORE. It's tiring, but more importantly, it's frightening.

It'd be great for us all move to larger cities, where we could pass through the streets largely unnoticed. I'm gonna stay here, though, because if every homo queer left due to bullshit small minded discrimination I think that not one damn thing would change.

Contributor: c.o'reilly

This really resonates with me, though more in a reverse fashion. I finally live in a place where I'm mostly invisible, after growing up in a small Texas town a freak. Being where I was and having gotten out of that situation --for safety's sake--, any time I travel now and get certain experiences (like these) I find that I have a similar, strong reaction to how I'm perceived.