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True Blood: Not Just a Lesbian, a Cagefighting Lesbian

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True Blood is back on HBO this summer for a fourth season — Join SexIs as we take deeper look at the sexual and erotic themes of this blood-thirsty vampire series.


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Contributor: Bi Social Network
Bi Social Network  

Eh, Tara is Bi, she has been with men and women. How can she be a lesbian when her last encounter were men? Rules of sexuality. If you like more then one gender you are bi. only one, you are straight or gay or lesbian...

Contributor: Oscar Serna
Oscar Serna  

Btw, I read up to Book 10 of the series. I stopped reading the series for my personal reasons.

Anyway, I believe the season 2 was the beginning of divergence between the two media. That can be reasonable because there were a small divergence in season 1 (New Orleans was flooded in season 1 while book 1 was far from it.)
However, the divergence did not hurt the series but expect the subsequent stories to be a surprise to some extent, fyi.
I like the TV show myself. But Game of Thrones already win hands down. However, I can enjoy the True Blood series .

Contributor: sramosobriant

Seems more a male fantasy of Tara, maybe even a gay male fantasy, but then you could say the same about most of the characters in the series. Don't mind the cage-fighting, but do mind that the actress doesn't seem comfortable kissing women. She's stiff and not engaged, very similar to many porn players: they'll do it for the money, but they don't have to like it.

Contributor: CallieVix

I believe it is completely in line with the sex and violence that True Blood always brings. I have always felt that Tara had a more dominant personality and for many women still discovering themselves sexually it is much easier to explore that with another woman. Personally, I have not yet met a man that I was interested in for play or sex or both that I would feel comfortable dominating. Certain ladies, however, seem to bring that part of me out. So, that is my take on it.



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