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The Queering of Renly and Loras in Game of Thrones

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At first glance, the depiction of Renly and Loras as a homosexual couple in the Game of Thrones appears to be a radical departure from the novels on which the televised version is based, but upon closer inspection, it was there, it just wasn't so...outthere.


Kathy Hardman  

OH good grief. I never had any issue with the way they were depicted in the series.Tho it is true that there could have been a more creative depiction of atleast one of them being more "macho" (ideally Renly) its perfectly conceivable that there were and are gay men in any history and other societies that are effeminate. To suggest otherwise would be to imply that effeminate gay men are some sort of modern day societal construct. Why not let a gay man write an opinion about this? As a gay woman, I can certainly tell you, that I do tire of the lack of women on women scenes showing more androgynous or genderbending women on tv and film. Two women more accepted? And why is that?? Because they only ever show two women that are socially acceptable in their feminine expressions and appearance. I can assure you, that if lesbians were more often accurately portrayed it would be an eye opener. Tho I still think the scene with Daenerys and her servant was too short for my taste. But really? Who are you kidding with your straight persons desire to see stereotypes broken?? I'm sure many gay men feel well represented in this show, much more than any lesbians. Might suit some bisexual women tho. Not having gotten that far yet in the books, I can only hope that Arya would grow up to be a woman lover, if any writer would dare. She certainly reminds me of myself.


I haven't read the books so I didn't know whether the scene was subtle in relation to how Martin depicted the two characters or not. In the TV show, however, the depiction was over the top. Body shaving? Apart from being personally disgusted by just about every stylistic note in the scene, that practice repulsed me but more importantly struck me as anachronistic. I'm no big fan of the show anyway but every time some character takes his/her clothes off, the emotional register lurches from somber well-realized s&s fantasy to dimestore romance novel. Embarrassing.



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