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  • #SexFeed - Have scientists proven that homosexuality is genetic?

    Scientists say they have identified the “gay gene” – but is that a good thing or not?

  • SexFeed: Gay Men Arrested for “Buggery” on Cruise Liner

    “They were struck by the beautiful mountains, the clean and clear fresh air and were having a few cocktails, and so threw caution to the wind.”

  • Coming Out with Preston Charles

    Rachel recently sat down with Preston Charles (you know, the black gay guy from The Real World, New Orleans) to talk about his recent MTV special, Coming Out, his own coming out and well, then things get a little out of hand...

  • 'Size Matters' Study Wasn't Funded by Government

    Conservative groups making this stuff up, again.

  • The Queering of Renly and Loras in Game of Thrones

    At first glance, the depiction of Renly and Loras as a homosexual couple in the Game of Thrones appears to be a radical departure from the novels on which the televised version is based, but upon closer inspection, it was there, it just wasn't so...outthere.

  • Atlanta Braves Coach Simulates Anal Sex with Bat While Slurring Gays

    McDowell apologizes for response to “heckling fans.” Oops. Classy, huh?

  • The Bijou Theater | The Last Gay Adult Theater in America

    In the middle of a ritzy Chicago neighborhood, among old brownstones and French bistros stands the Bijou — the oldest gay XXX theater in America. The Bijou celebrates it's 40th anniversary this year. Founded before the boutiques or the elementary school next door, it's cultivated a rich history and some unbelievable stories: prison sentences, a patron death, a tragic connection to a serial killer.

  • Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: What You Can Do To Support Queer Youth

  • Making Love: The Story of a Sweet, Dirty Movie

  • Queer Print: Keeping the Counterculture Coming

    Unsatisfied with the fare dished out by mainstream media, many gay voices are seeking out and creating their own vehicles of self-expression—and in the process, re-inventing print in their own image.

  • Leather: The Ultimate Masculine Fashion Statement

    Leather has a well-established niche in gay history. A look at the macho pioneers—from military men to bikers and artists—who shaped leather culture as we know it today.

  • A Man Who Has it All...?

    Most men have one thing in common: they'd really like their penises to be bigger. And the world’s taken notice: ‘male enhancement’, as it’s so wistfully called, is a billion-dollar industry, hawking everything from herbs to pills to diet fads to pumps, with varying results. So what’s it like to have been kissed by the gods—what is life REALLY like with a BFD (Big Fucking Dick)?

  • Sex, Drugs and…Disco? Musings on Gay Stereotypes

    Contrary to some small minded, popular beliefs, being gay isn't based on sweaty bar hookups and showtunes. Get real, and get a grip – being gay is as individual as your social security number.

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