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Dare to Be Seduced by Your Senses

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That we are universally skin-hungry and primal in our basic urges bears out in our private conversations, our media obsessions with other people’s sex lives, our ferocious reading of erotic, how-to sex books, even the collective gasp at Fifty Shades of Grey. Harlequin-esque BDSM may be the gateway drug to fetishized sex in vanilla bedrooms. It could be the wake up call that women’s erotica is a literary genre worth taking a private peek at, or it could be a sign of the times.


Contributor: JustWicked
Erotically Wicked  

BRAVO! Right on Sister! To those who read this and think the whole "in harmony with nature" is nothing but woo-hoo-voo-do and shut down, stopped reading or listening - trust me I have plenty of friends that would put this article in the pagan realm and sin of the devil - so on that note what she is saying is step out of all the crap we are told is, investigate what should be taught but suppressed in our abstinence 1 man 1 woman procreation education and heritage. Find your erogenous zones, look it up God's gift, and that of your partner. "We all have desire. If God hadn't wanted us to feel and pursue desire, He wouldn't have blessed us with it." Murdoch Mysteries Season one. Not to take away from the Goddess, but as with my friends, sometimes if put in the male dominant perspective of 'God' then it opens up the possibilities; and this excellent article deserves the acknowledgment of "self awakening to a better life" it conveys without guilt of sin repercussion.
Brightest of Blessings

Contributor: Tinamarie

Thank you Erotically Wicked! I am pleased to hear from you...been a while. Miss you on FB btw....stay in touch please!



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