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Is High School Sex Ed Going Too Far Or Not Far Enough?

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With the rate of teen pregnancy escalating, I have to wonder... are high schools doing their part to prevent it?


Contributor: *Camoprincess*

Awesome article, in middle school or junior high whichever you want to call it we had 2 weeks of Sex Ed which we were taken out of our P.E. Class and went to Sex Ed. In high school it was only required to take Life Management your Freshman year but you had to take it if you missed it then you had to go back later in your high school years to complete it. It was a graduation requirement where I am from, in Life Management they even had it where you could try on the empathy belly and all that. I also took Child Development which went into the Sex Ed thing too cause we were required as a part of the course to carry around baby dolls as if they were our kids. To be honest though I knew WAY more in the Sex Ed classes then most people cause in my house we openly talked about sex and what not.

Contributor: lilgrump

I agree. In most places, sex ed is lacking.

Contributor: lzbncrckhead

this was so awesome



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