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Sex Myths in Our Schools
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Educating our children about sex is one of the most important lessons we can teach them in life. High school is a breeding ground for misinformation and peer pressure. Get to your kids first before their peers do.


Educating your children is always the preferred way of explaining sex informatively and what is true. But what happens when your mom gives you a book to read only to be discussed later. And then what happens when she asks if you have any questions and you both just cry of embarrassment? Not every one is a teacher even having lived through the same ordeal and believe me it was an ordeal. Even now at 59 I'm learning things I should have learned at puberty. I personally would like to see more informative sex education classes in the schools including why these myths are just that.


I agree. Addressing why myths are myths and debunking them is such an important part of sexual education. I recall from my sex ed classes there was a lot of talking about facts, but no real discussion of separating fact from myth.



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