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The Foreskin: 3 Common Questions about Uncircumcised Penises

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Is one of the reasons circumcision remains popular in America because nobody’s teaching Foreskin 101?

  What does the foreskin do?

The pro-circumcision lobby might tell you that the foreskin doesn’t have a purpose, but it actually has an important one: it’s a means of facilitating vaginal penetration.

It’s not a very sexy analogy, but the best way I can describe the sexual function of a foreskin is by comparing it to a tampon applicator. When an uncircumcised man presses the tip of his penis against a woman’s vaginal opening, the foreskin acts kind of like an applicator and rolls back, holding the vagina open, while the glans extend and penetrate the woman.

It makes penetration easier and more comfortable, and doesn’t require a woman to be as lubricated (although one would hope she was!) So while you can certainly have sex without a foreskin – it’s definitely better with one.

  Aren’t uncircumcised penises unhygenic?

One of the most common misconceptions about uncircumcised penises is that they’re somehow “dirty” or “unhygienic.” This is totally untrue – a penis is pretty much as clean as its owner, and you’d be better off with a clean guy’s uncircumcised cock than a skuzzy fellow’s cut one.

But it’s true that keeping an uncircumcised penis clean and serviceable is a little more involved than an uncircumcised one. The fact is, you need to clean under the foreskin daily because lubrication and fluids can get trapped underneath the foreskin, and after a few days turn that can turn into smegma - a cheesy film that nobody wants to discover in an intimate moment.

So adults (and only adults – more on this later) need to pull back their foreskin and give it a thorough cleanse in the shower each morning. Use your finger to clean every crease, crevice and wrinkle. It’s actually quite fun.
Alternatively, men should use a baby wipe every time they go to the bathroom. Baby wipes are one of society’s greatest gifts to uncircumcised men. The other is that blowjob trick when somebody slips their tongue into the space between glans and foreskin – but I digress!

Finally, like every item of heavy machinery, an uncircumcised penis benefits from daily lubrication. After a guy showers each and every day, he should slather every inch of his penis in baby oil. This is one of the highlights of my day, actually!

Mineral oil helps keep the penis smooth and soft, and lubricating under the foreskin with baby oil helps it retract and roll back more comfortably and easily. In addition, the baby oil inhibits any funkiness from developing underneath the foreskin, and makes sure that you’re clean, gleaming and ready for action at a moment’s notice.

  I have a son. Should I tell him to wash under his foreskin when he takes a bath?

Quick answer: No. Lightly longer answer: Hell, no.

One of the reasons so many kids get circumcised because of “complications” with their foreskin is because American parents and doctors alike are woefully ignorant of how a boy’s penis grows and develops during childhood – and they can actually damage them as a result.

Contrary to the popular misconception, a boy’s glans and foreskin aren’t separated like they are with an adult. They’re joined together by a mucus membrane which means a boy’s foreskin does not retract until they’re ten or eleven years old.

Yes, you read that right. Ten or eleven years old.

Forcing a boy to pull back his foreskin before that age can actually tear the mucus membrane holding the foreskin and glans together; which can cause intense pain and scar tissue which results in those “complications” American doctors are so keen to rectify with circumcision.

It’s terrifying that so many Americans – from my mother-in-law to parents themselves – think that their boys need to be able to retract their foreskin and wash underneath it. That’s not just ignorant – it’s dangerous.

A boy should always be the first person to pull their foreskin back; and only ever when they’re comfortable and ready to do it. And speaking from experience, by the time a boy has discovered the lingerie section of the Sear’s catalogue, that’s something they’ll figure out on their own!


One thing everybody should know about uncircumcised penises is: That’s the way they’re supposed to be. The foreskin is a useful, healthy, pleasurable and practical part of the body – and I really, really wish that new parents would understand that, and give their little boys the opportunity to grow up uncircumcised, so they can discover that for themselves.


Contributor: Incendiaire

Excellent article. It's scary just how much ignorance and misinformation there is out there, especially amongst the medical community.

Contributor: LadyDarknezz

Another excellent article! I've never seen a circumcised penis before actually. I love giving oral and using fun tongue tricks on that wonderful flap of skin! It always got a nice reaction from my ex.

Contributor: Lovely Jubblies

Thanks for a great, informative article. As a Brit living in the USA, I was surprised at how uncommon uncut males are and I was my wife's first. Those common misconceptions you address tend to come up a lot!

Contributor: Katelyn

I actually had no idea about the age (10-11) very interesting and informative article!

Contributor: Danie-L

"about 80% of kids were circumcised up until only a few years ago"?

That is terrible considering that about 50% of kids are born female. Either the Muslims have been doing a great deal more "female circumcision" in this country that I was aware of, or you really should have said "boys" rather than "kids".

Contributor: ShadowedSeductress

Great article! My boyfriend is uncircumcised and I absolutely love it. He has always thought he was gross or weird for having a foreskin and I often try to reassure him that I love it. Of course he probably thinks I'm just trying to make him feel better but if I'm being completely honest I'd be devastated if he didn't have it! He's brought up adult circumcision a few times and I am always so sad that he feels that way.

Contributor: smasmasma

I love this article! I am so glad I did not circumcise my son! I always felt any modifications to his body should be his choice not mine.

Contributor: VeganChick (is Gone)

I didn't know that about the foreskin being attached by a membrane. Great article. Uncut all the way!

Contributor: SaucyxGirl

Thank you for this article. There are so many misconceptions involving intact foreskin that it can it be a hard thing to wade through to find out the truths.



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