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Eden Lit Club: Gearing Up For The Holidays
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November starts the whole holiday tread mill. For most of us it's an intense time bringing up many feelings, not all of them good. Eden Lit is a perfect place to share those feelings and get some positive feedback. It's always good to know you are not alone!

  Weird Sex Facts For November

The weird sex fact of the day involves snakes. Did you know that snakes have two sex organs? They are called hemipenes and are possessed by males of the species. Talk about penis envy, no?

At any rate this is how snake sex goes down: The female of the species goes into estrus and begins to secrete pheromones from the skin on her back. She leaves a lovely trail as she goes about her business through the day. The male smells this lovely trail and seeks her out. He begins the lovemaking by bumping her gently on the top of the head with his chin. He then crawls his way on top of her, twining their tails until his sex organs are near her cloaca. He inserts his twin penises and begins to pump seminal fluid into her receptacle. This can last for a few hours or all day depending on the species of snake. From there the female either gives birth to live young or lays eggs.

Now THAT is an intense way to reproduce!

Continuing the weird animal sex fact theme:
Turkeys can reproduce without having sex by utilizing parthenogenesis.
Humans, bonobo monkeys, and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure.
Some lions mate over 50 times a day.
When swans go on a date, they'll put their heads together.
Male bats have the highest rate of homosexuality of any mammal.

  Eden Lit November Featured Author

The featured author for November is Twisted Angel. She wrote for us a scorching first chapter of what she hopes will become a real live novel. Judging by her first chapter she has the makings of a really good read. She welcomes advice, critique and suggestions. This piece was submitted under the Open Topic.

Here's a bit of the story in progress:

"We had talked for an eternity, visiting each other's blogs with promises of one day when we met. Never imagining the opportunity would present itself now. I often cracked jokes of having a naughty blogger bonfire and tonight's arrivals would be the first of many. Jack and Jill had been one of the first adult blogs I had gotten addicted to reading. Jill was simply breathtaking and her hair was enough to make me wet. Her auburn locks would lay in curls over her shoulders in her photos and I would imagine running my fingers through it. The butterflies in my stomach were matched by my pounding heartbeat, what if they decided not to come, what if I stood in this airport for nothing.

I went through all I had done in preparation for this meet up. House was scrubbed from top to bottom, every bed had been made and the kids were gone for the whole weekend. The wood was ready for a bonfire and as a special surprise I got my hands on a pontoon for the lake. If the weather would hold out, I prayed it would. When the plane landed I tried not to look like a child waiting in line to sit in Santa's lap, although I am sure the anticipation was much the same but for entirely different reasons. Everyone else would be arriving tomorrow so tonight it would simply be the four of us, Gene, Jack, Jill and I."

Here's a link to the rest of the piece:The Visit. Please leave a comment on how you liked the piece.

  Obscure Vocabulary

Pronunciation: Ac`cis´mus
Part of speech: noun
Definition: Rhetorical form of coyness. Pretending indifference to something that you actually desire.
Literary example: In Aesops famous tale The Fox and the Grapes, the fox practices accismus when he declares the grapes to probably be inedible.



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