Hot Sweet Jealousy

Hot Sweet Jealousy

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
It was hot, the kind of hot that sits in the back of your throat and makes you swallow convulsively to relieve the pressure. Airless and merciless the outside temperatures soared to record breaking highs by the early morning hours. I had taken a cold shower and the water seemed to sizzle on my skin as I tried to dry off without rubbing the towel over my body. The friction from the towel rubbing was normally sensual, and even a hint sexual, but today it was just this side of hellish.
Finally, you decide that turning on the air-conditioner would be a good idea, and I roll my eyes at your retreating back. You feel some mystical change in the air and whirl around to confront me. I am not quick enough to school my face into the passive mask you demand.
Your eyes blaze and I am now shaking with....well not fear exactly, but I am feeling exposed and deliciously naughty.
You shake your head slowly as though regretting that you will have to remedy this little slip of decorum on such a miserable day. I think on any other day you would have laughed it off but today you are determined to have your pound of flesh.

You point at the clothing you have laid out on the bed and I realize this will be a silent day. I sigh, careful not to allow any sound escape my throat, because I really hate those days you demand absolute silence. I wonder if this is the punishment for my lack of decorum, and for interfering with your plan to get us back into financial freedom. Suddenly, I am overcome with remorse since it IS my fault we owe so much money. You are all that is keeping me out of the prison of bad credit, and here I am acting like a petulant child.

I can feel my shoulders slump and I sniffle softly, but it is just loud enough that you hear it. I slowly put on the, well I wouldn't call it an outfit exactly since it was just a length of soft silken material that wrapped around my body. It would be strategically placed to look like it was covering the appropriate areas.
I loop the material at the base of my spine just over my softly rounded, but taunt buttocks. I twist the material as it crosses over my butt crease so that the vee created over my pussy will allow me to loop the two sides of the material over my hips and through the loop at the base of my spine.

I remember that this used to take the most time as it is a tricky maneuver to perform solo. By now it is just a few minutes until the material is snugged up against my overheated cunt. I pull the material taunt so that I'll be able to walk in it without flashing my pussy to the room.

I flick a glance at the diagram you thoughtfully drew and as I stare at the beautiful model you have drawn on the page a flash of jealousy rips through my guts. Is that beautiful vixen you have so carefully drawn, in loving detail, a lover you have failed to introduce me to? Ever since my fall into disgrace you have taken liberties with our relationship that have left me almost breathless while dealing with my emotions. You call it a lesson in self control; I call it hell.

I take a moment to breathe through the emotional storm as my traitorous mind shows me images of what it might have looked like with her sinuous body wrapped sensuously around your longer, larger frame. She looks to be tall enough to wrap her long legs around your waist and fuck you standing.
I begin to shake as I imagine all the pleasure her young and nubile body must have given yours. Did you fuck her right here on our sheets? Did you take her to a nice restaurant? Did you buy her a pretty something before taking her to the Four Seasons and treating her to a night of passion while I waited at home alone and forgotten? Am I going crazy in this heat?

The last question calmed me down as I realized that for the next few years the nights of sumptuous dinners and luxurious nights are not on the menu as we repair the damage I have done to our finances.
I bring the edges of the crushed silk up my body, and over my up tilted breasts, to tie them behind my head firmly. Any recriminations I might have offered are null and void now thanks to my fall from grace.

I look in the mirror to be sure I have placed the straps according to the picture on the card. As I hold the card facing the mirror I notice the writing on the back of the small drawing. It says, "Amelia Devlin, 2012. Second Look." I nearly twist my ankle and fall over in relief. This lovingly drawn vixen is the main character of your new novel not some taunt carefully thrown in my face. I feel like such an idiot and vow not to let you know about my lapse into insanity a few minutes ago.

I tousle my hair slightly, kiss at my reflection and turn around carefully on my sky high heels. I jump when I see you standing there silently watching and you catch me before I can really fall on my ass. My face goes through all the colors it is capable of as I see the glimmer in your eyes. You have seen everything, from my slight struggle to get the silken wrap around my curvy body, to the jealous rage. You have also witnessed my return to sanity and acceptance of my place in your life. You also saw my chagrin when I realized it was only a drawing, and nothing more.
"I was prepared to punish you for the next few hours, Mój Aniol." The soft burr of the foreign words thrills down my spine. You still call me your angel after all that I have done.
"You have conquered your fear, self loathing, and jealousy for me in just the space of a few minutes. You have punished yourself far better than I could ever hope to match." You draw in a slow breath as it occurs to you that the jealousy is still there after all these years, but I watch you shake off the disappointment as you remember how erotic it was to see my face flushed with violence at the thought of this woman getting something I am not. The fact is, I did conquer myself and I did it before there was a nasty argument, it's a step in the right direction.

You cross to the closet and select a dress. You sigh as though it is a shame to cover up my "underwear" and help me into the sheath dress. You sit me down and watch as I apply my make up with skill. I finish my hair into a sleek style that complements the outfit.
Once, I would have pestered you with questions about what you had planned, and where we were going. Tonight, however, I am as silent as you wanted me to be. I wait for you to wrap a coat around my shoulders and follow you to the car. You wrap a beautiful necklace around my throat, and I sigh with pleasure as we slide onto the Italian leather of the seats of your car. Tonight, it seems, my long punishment is over.
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