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I Am A Feminist, and I Shave My Legs
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As a feminist who shaves my legs, I have frequently had to defend shaving my legs, much more than I expected to do within a group of people that supposedly advocates free choice.


Good for you! If you like it, do it! Your body, your choice.


Being a feminist has nothing to do with how a woman chooses to deal with her body hair! I'm right there with you. I realize that it's not natural or fair for women to conform to modern beauty standards, but I was also raised looking at images of attractive, hairless women. We internalize the cultural ideas of beauty that we were raised with, and I can't change what I think is attractive. I feel pretty when my legs are smooth, so I'm going to keep doing it. I completely support women who choose to keep their body hair, but it's not a choice I want to make myself.


"Within feminism, there has always been this push to regulate what other women are doing to make sure that they are “better feminists.” "

YES. I found myself nodding emphatically at this; it is SO true. I am sick and tired of feeling as though I have to defend myself for making choices for *myself*, that are right for *me*. Like I'm supposed to hand in my "feminist card" just because I shave my legs and under my arms, you know? It's really offensive how many feminists see fit to police what other women choose to do with their bodies.


All very true, good article.



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