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I am a Sister Wife

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I am a sister wife, and here is the why and how!



Very insightful article, and it's interesting seeing the point of view of someone who's been poly-inclined since the get-go.


Very nice article. Well written, and insightful. Thank you for sharing with us.


Thank you, I really am glad this was (so far) well received.


I love that you are writing about your experiences. I am poly. I have a husband and deeply committed boyfriend. We all live together and are planning on having kids. It makes me so happy to read other people talking about how they are happy in poly groups.


My guys have decided that they will not be known as brother husbands....they prefer to be known as friends who happen to love the same woman. As my legal husband says, "How many guys talk about having the fantasy to sleep with their best friend's girlfriend? Well I get to and it's amazing." We have two incomes and a stay at home Mom for our three kids. It just makes sense to us.

I love hearing about the success stories! Tell us more!


the way I see it is if your happy in how you live your life thats how it should be done. I love the show sister wives because after all the negative backlash of cult leaders in the poly lifestyle and what they do to see and hear about positive in the same aspect is the best thing. I couldn't be in a poly lifestyle. Thank You for sharing this.


Very well written and eye opening. Thank you



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