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Prostitution? Yes please!
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Prostitution is known as "the world's oldest profession." If it has been around for centuries, then why is it illegal? Shouldn't everyone have a right to do what they please with their body?


i totally agree


I fully support legalizing prostitution, but the idea that prostitution should be considered a viable alternative to welfare is horrifying!


If you think about it sex is the only thing that is legal to give away, but illegal to sell.


It's legal to tape the act of sex to sell to people but it's illegal to not tape it and make money from the guy you're having sex with (outside of a relationship). It's also legal to have a sugar daddy, which many times is the same thing as prostituting yourself, just not with multiple guys.
I've also heard of cases where they have busted people for trading sex for food, if someone is that hungry that they will give sex for food should you really be arresting them? If anything it's pitiful but I don't think it's illegal. Some guys expect sex after the first date but you're not going to take him away to jail for paying for sex.


There was an article recently in England's The Spectator about how, supposedly, legalized prostitution has been a failure in Amsterdam and the government is trying to undo it.



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