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SexIs Subjective: Gentleman's Choice?
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Should men be included in the decision making choice for abortion?


Great job! I agree!


As a woman I can understand the drive to be able to make 100% of the decisions for my own body. Unfortunately for so many many years women have had all their reproductive rights stripped away from them rendering them nothing more than walking baby machines.
I would hope that a woman would have the decency to discuss with the father the fate of the prospective baby but all things being equal it IS her body and HER life. I would hope she would be willing to discuss it but in all reality the topic should have been discussed before the sex...not after. That way if the guy really doesn't want to see his child aborted he can decide not to risk it with a woman who really, really doesn't want a child. After the deed is done it's too late to try to force someone to bear a child. Bear in mind that this IS what you are suggesting...FORCING a woman to bear an unwanted child just because you were irresponsible enough to have sex with a person who doesn't share your desire to be a parent.

No matter what type of birth control you use you must face each encounter as a potential conception so it really makes more sense to be sure before hand that you really WANT a child as a couple.



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