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The Young and The Sexless

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Nowadays there are a lot of young and generally attractive men who have virtually little to no sex lives. What's the reason for this? Is it their looks, personalities, or is it both? For those who are labeled as unattractive or seemingly unworthy of a sex life, how do we change the perspective of billions who believe that tall, tan, and physically fit is the ideal looks of someone who is attractive?



For anyone who reads this, I'd love to get some feedback on what your perspective is about the issue in the article. Plus in the future it'll help me get better at keeping you and your ideas in mind.


Great Article,Though Young and Sexless probably isn't a terrible idea considering the baby boom lately! lol
I agree that we all have this perceived image of what's considered sexy and beauty. Especially being Tall,Dark and Handsome,which was unknowingly passed down generation to generation. So sadly changing this perception is gonna be process! I think we all just need to remember to keep fantasy and reality separate. Do I dream of Tall,Dark and Handsome rich men? Totally. Is that who I date? Not at all. And I'm totally ok with that. But I also don't think it's fair to say that most smoking hot people are selfish assholes. It's not wrong to want your partner to be eye candy! Looks Vs personality,Either way we'll all want MORE.


Oh I completely agree, and while I know there are decent people out there who are also smokin' hot, a lot of the ones I've met are just rude, selfish, and self centered. But there are always the good ones out there



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