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How the backlash against the Kristen Stewart and Rob Sanders cheating scandal highlights the still present double standards in America.


Contributor: KikiChrome

Alternatively, we could consider that the vast majority of the stinging rage directed at Kirsten Stewart seems to be coming not from anti-feminist men, but from female fans of Robert Pattinson. I'm not convinced that it's an example of women being scapegoated for sexual indiscretion so much as it's the howl of the fan lashing out on behalf of their wounded and wronged beloved. Of course they hate Stewart more than Sanders... they possibly always did.

Contributor: SmutGeek

I think the whole thing is quite silly. Dropping her from movies because she cheated...why nto drop Brad Pitt from movies for Cheating on Jennifer? I think Kristen Stewart is a great actress and has been since she was young. Kicking her off screen is ridiculous no matter what she's done in her own private relationships. Thanks for the article, I appreciate the point made.

Contributor: curiousnwilling

I have to disagree with KikiChrome. If it had just been fangirls lashing out, you'd be right. But the minute the studio started to think about dropping her from a major blockbuster movie, it became something more than just pissed off tweens.



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