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How Gidget's Lesson Is A Thing Of the Past
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For me, independence isn't something I ever thought about. It was a natural consequence of being surrounded by independent women, who taught me the importance of doing things oneself and to take pride in being able to take care of myself.



This was such a wonderful article! Sounds like your mother was one intelligent person! Kudos to her for instilling independance in you! I am lucky enough to have parents who've always taught me to know how to be independant and DIY! Above everything else, my mom's always told me to make sure I know how to and am able to do it myself, take care of myself so that I never have to be in a position to where I'm lost and end up feeling stuck depending on others. It worked! I know what you mean about getting a bit uncomfortable when partner's try to pay your way or buy you things. It used to make me uncomfortable, even after 7 years of being with my partner, I still feel slightly uncomfortable for him to buy me things, but it never stopped him. He's tried to get it through my head that he wants to just to do it, because he wants to. I used to deal with guys expecting things from me when they did "favors" for me, even ones they volunteered to do! So I realized soon to be careful. I can see how it's tough to get a good balance of being independant and still recieving gifts from the heart, though. I can't even be sure I've totally accomplished that, but having a partner who does do it all from his heart makes it so much easier. And I'm still able to have my security and independance and all, but have learned to let him do kind things for me too sometimes and just accept it.

Anyways, this was such an inspiring, wonderful article! I love it. Love, love it! It's really encouraging too.



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