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When Those Boots Come On

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The world of the Dom/Domme/sub is a very intriguing world, whether you are into the lifestyle, or simply curious about it. It is a completely different world from the one that we live in, or the vanilla world that most accept. So, through this article, come with me on my journey into the BDSM world, and peer into the life that I've begun.

  She wished to moan.

The first scene I was able to do was very simple and very light bondage. It involved my friend's girl, whom they gave permission for me to play with one night. He collared her, and then leashed before handing the 'reins' over to me. I commanded her to strip, and I tied her down to the bed with silk rope. This was a little bit of a feat, because the ropes had to be ran just right under the mattress as the frame did not have a head board or a foot board equipped.

After I had her secured, I told her that she was to make no sound at all during this session. She nodded in understanding, and I blindfolded her. Her husband and I left the room then for about ten minutes, allowing her to adjust to being in the dark. The purpose of this was to heighten her sense of touch and hearing. After the allotted time was up, I returned to the room with her husband. He sat in a chair was I went to work.

I dripped hot massage oil across her skin. It rolled over her tanned flesh easily and as it cooled, it waxed over again. I watched her face as she tried not to make a sound, arching up from the bed with a sharp movement, hoping secretly that she would disobey my order just once. However, she managed to keep herself from moaning. The next portion of the scene involved ice, which I ran over the very sensitive portions of her body. It perked her nipples quite nicely, and gave her a sharp tremble as I brought it over her thighs. As I neared her clit, I was sure that I was going to get her to cry out. However, it simply never happened.

After alternating between the hot and cold sensations for some time, about forty five minutes, I took my whip, a nice leather whip that you can find here on EdenFantasys, and whipped the her inner thighs with it. She wanted to climax at this point. She was wet, very wet, but I wasn't going to allow that just yet. The wax on her skin had hardened just enough, and I slowly peeled it from her body, causing her toes to curl and her body to give another sharp tremble. The girl's senses were on fire, but it was another twenty minutes before I let her have it.

I had her husband fuck her at that point, as I sat in my chair, watching. She had still not been given permission to make a sound, so even as she was finally allowed to orgasm, she wasn't able to scream. I took a lot of pleasure in watching her cling to those bedsheets.

When it was all said and done, her husband and I performed her after care, bringing her down from the high that she had been on. We untied her and allowed her to curl up between the two of us, and she thanked me for the scene.

  Binding it all up.

I haven't moved into the heavier bits of BDSM yet, but I'm hoping to do so as I get my feet wet. I am hoping to find a mentor in my area soon, as well. There is a lot that you can learn on the internet, however I don't want to be classified as the 'bored housewife who decided to get into BDSM for something to do'. I want to learn from someone, and learn in the 'old ways'. I hope that I'll be able to find such soon, but one never knows how life will work out.

For now, I bid you farewell, and hope that you will read again...

The next time that those boots come on.


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