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Tuesdays With Nina: Married Without Sex?

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We've all heard the cliche about there being no sex after marriage. But what if you're not willing to live with that? You want to save your marriage, you want a satisfying sex life, but your spouse is resisting you every step of the way because he suffers from the emotionally painful idea that he's too small? What's a woman to do to save her marriage and her sex life?


Contributor: don34685

Just came across your, what is it, blog? Anyway, I was very impressed by the response you gave this woman. It was so loving and caring and she (& her hubby) are in such a bad place. I'm impressed by your really grounded advice. Hello to the new and much needed Dear Abby!!!!

Contributor: BexvanKoot

And this is why circumcising children is sexual abuse.


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