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Emotional Infidelity... Is it Cheating?

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If you've negotiated a monogamous relationship with your partner, you've probably set up some ground rules. For most, that means no sex with someone who isn't your significant other. Sounds simple, right? Well, "it ain't necessarily so."


Contributor: Choolz

I don't think that I would consider it to be cheating but I would definitely feel very hurt that my spouse was going to someone else. I'm not a clingy, overly emotional female by any means but in this case I would wonder what I did wrong, or where we went so wrong to get it to the point that he couldn't talk to me about what was going on.

Contributor: DancerNlove

Yes, I think it is because my husband has done this and if you think about having sex with someone else, you want to act upon it. It doesn't just have to be physical. That's one way spouces can abuse their wives, emotional abuse .. by emotional affairs.

Contributor: cinnie0

Yes I think it is. When you are having an emotional attachment to another person, it is taking away from your relationship. It also delops bonds, and feelings that may go deeper and farthur into cheating.

Contributor: connie lee moore
connie lee moore  

So much of the pleasure that a woman enjoys during sex is in her mind ...her mind can make or break the amount of pleasure she gives and enjoys feel a person is not with you emotional is a total turn-off......

Contributor: SiNSaNiTy

I think that fantasizing is natural, I think that many woman do it....maybe they don't want to admit it, but they do it...No not all. And not always. And not with every man, but maybe sometimes.

I have definitely done it before, and I wouldn't consider it cheating.

Contributor: JustSweetAngel

my ex Paul emotionally cheated on me for a year i met him through twitter and he was talking to a married woman when i met him he started to talk to me he had lied about her to begin with and he said he wanted to meet her but then he said he couldn't be with her because she was married then we proceeded to meet and have dates and for a year of seeing each other making love and being with each other he decides to carry on with his internet romance and then he calls me on the phone asking me to have sex with him and i said not until your done with your whore which i always thought she was because she was cheating on her husband with him and she was an alcoholic with two kids in which one of them thinks shes a nut and paul well he says he could never be with her physically he's just using her for emotional support which is stupid because he's using her emotionally and he has used me emotionally and physically, he says he hasn't and he says he loves me and wants to marry me and still to this day calls me on the phone but oh well right. but just like this lady states, he does the whole it's going to be ok act.. then claims he wants to just meet this woman he's stated to me that she OWES him a blow job but that he's tried to have phone sex with her and it's like having sex with that Sarah Michelle Gallager SUPERSTAR! i mean shes pathetic she continued to harass me and my boyfriend during our relationship because shes so hard up because shes gone bankrupt and thinks he has money because he's a photographer.. but little does she know he's BROKE! he is REALLY JUST broke! and i think will be living in his car!!! talk about KARMA!!! its all going to come back to them. really and now i've met someone who is wonderful he's sweet and good to me and loves me back the same way and doesn't cheat on me!

Contributor: Adeline Letour
Adeline Letour  

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