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  • Greece Now Pays Their Criminals

    Who knew pedophilia was a medical disability?

  • Chronic Pain: Stop it from Sucking the Fun Out of Your Sex Life

    Though chronic pain has become a more medically-recognized condition, whether as a complication of another diagnosis or an unexplained phenomenon existing by itself, one frontier remains: How do people with chronic pain and their partners maintain a healthy, exciting sex life?

  • Good Things Come in Little Packages, Part 2

    Sexuality educator Marylou Naccarato waxes on the importance of sensuality to happiness and creative uses for low, Japanese tables that don’t involve sushi.

  • Good Things Come in Little Packages, Part 1

    Sexuality educator and vibrator aggregator Marylou Naccarato discusses the importance of sensuality to happiness and why being “differently-abled” simply means finding alternative paths to fulfillment.

  • Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Complicate Your Sex Life?

    It’s more and more common these days. If you don’t suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or its familiars, one of your partners probably does. And CTS is a bitch to deal with in the sack. But never fear: as with all other limitations, there are ways to work around the pain.

  • Mentally Challenged Man in UK Forbidden to Have Sex

    Case raises civil liberty issues, judge acknowledges.

  • Facts of Life “Cousin Geri” Comes Out

    Actress with cerebral palsy publishes inspirational memoir.

  • Erotica for the Blind

    Braille artist's work appeals to sense of touch.

  • Tuesdays With Nina: The New Normal: “Over Cumming” the Side Effects of Meds

    Sex should be one of the most natural things in the world, but when medication becomes part of the equation, sometimes, it doesn't come so easily—particularly the “cumming” part...and especially for women.

  • Dr. Tuppy Owens: The Sensual Patron Saint of the Disabled

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Bipolar Lovin'

    Being treated for bipolar disorder or other medical conditions can complicate your sex life. Drugs can have an impact on your libido in ways that make it less responsive, or knock it out altogether. So, do you give up sex entirely, or are there solutions for improving the quality of your sex life?

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Sex and the Disabled Spouse

    The intimate lives of those with a disability or debilitating disease is not something people typically talk about openly, but of course, the challenges these men and women—and their partners—face when seeking sexual satisfaction can be more daunting than most. Today, Nina talks about the realities of making love with a disabled partner.

  • The Man Project: David Steinberg

  • RX Side Effects: When Meds Aren’t Sexy

    Who knew that one little pill daily—a mere 20 milligrams of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) Paxil—would cause my entire world to come crashing down?

  • Tuesdays with Nina: Sex Advice Books and Partners with MS

    This week, Nina discusses some of the better sex advice books available, from Tristan Taormino to Carol Queen, and even Nina herself! She also gives a few tips on how to enjoy a rewarding sex life with a partner with MS.

  • Sex and Disability 101

    You sprain your wrist playing basketball, or get carpal tunnel twinges from too much typing. Your partner is battling depression or post-traumatic stress. Sooner or later, the question is likely to come up: how do you make sex work when someone involved is temporarily or permanently disabled? Our goal here is to provide you with tools for finding solutions that work for you and your partners.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: The Amputee Devotee

    This week, Dr. Dick investigates acrotomophilia; or, in other words, the amputee fetish.

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