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  • Mr. Sexsmith Says: Don’t Worry, Be Kinky

    Stepping out into the world of dating at the age of 18 is scary enough without adding the worry that your kinks will make people think you're a freak. Mr. Sexsmith offers some sage advice on coming to terms with who you are and building up the courage to step off the dating curb.

  • Gay Tripping, Part 2

    We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’d Like A King Beachview, Please

  • Tuesdays With Nina: How do you figure out who should be in the driver's seat?

    Lisa, who considers herself a bisexual, sex and relationship virgin, is wondering if, in a lesbian relationship, you are in the driver's seat in the bedroom does that mean you are in the driver's seat, or the more dominant, butch partner outside the bedroom as well?

  • Sex Discriminates Against Kink and Queers

    We know that sex is beneficial for human health and well being, but it seems that not all sex acts are created equal. Do breeders really beat out non-trad combos for sex bennies? Science signs point to “Yes.” Read on.

  • Fire in the Belly: Self-Love and Navel Gazing

    My lover made up a modern proverb: “A woman who loves her belly loves her body.” I don’t think it will catch on. It’s true that women, particularly modern women in Western culture, have a love-hate (or even a hate-hate) relationship with their bellies. Why? What did that sweet bump of skin (located as it is under the two much glamorized and beloved fat-bags) do to deserve such scorn?

  • She Goes Both Ways: Women and Bisexuality

    You're a woman. You have a boyfriend, but you just can't stop fantasizing about your best female friend’s mouth and how good it'd feel on your skin. Are you bisexual or what?

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