How to Post an Article on SexIs Social

Start here:

In the left sidebar of your Account Dashboard, click “Publish SexIs Article.” It will open to the Publisher's Guidelines where you can read the SexIs Social Terms of Service. Please read before continuing.

Step 1:

In the left sidebar of your Account Dashboard, click “Submit SexIs Article.” This should bring you to the “Details” tab. This is where you enter the Title, Introduction, Article Body, and any images or videos you'd like to include. You'll notice this is the only active tab. That will change once you save the body of your text.

Step 2:

Insert witty, relevant title in box marked “Title.” Avoid stop words, swears and overly provocative language.

Step 3:

Insert excerpt, summary or introduction in box marked “Introduction/Teaser.” Tell us briefly what the article is about in a way that makes us want to read it.

If you'd like to feature a quote about the topic you're writing about, you should place the quote in the box marked “Quotation.” Please do not add quotation marks, as the wizard does this for you. The box marked “Author” is where you put the name of the person you're quoting. You may notate the year they were quoted or publication that quoted them as well. Please do not preface the author's name with a dash or any other punctuation. The wizard does this for you as well.

Step 4:

Featured Image: This field is required.

Click “Upload article picture.” A box will open where you can either choose from previously uploaded images or upload a new image. If you're choosing from the images you've already uploaded, click the picture you're going to use, and it will be inserted into the article. If you'd like to upload a new image, click “Upload your picture” and follow the directions in the window that pops up. Section Images work the same way. Just click “Add Image” over the section you want your image to appear in, and the box will open.
Upload: Click “Choose File” and click on the image in your computer's directory that you'd like to use, then click “Open.” When you're finished click “Upload.”
Crop: Adjust the square to the size you want. Insert the image's title in the box below the image. When you're finished, click “Save Picture.” The code will appear in the body of the section you're working on. If you'd like it to appear in a different spot, simply cut the code from the body (ctrl+x) and paste (ctrl+v) it where you'd like it to appear.

Step 5:

Sections: Nothing more than the first section (already on the page when you enter the article widget) is required unless the article is or should be split up into sections.

If your article is over 10,000 characters, it should be split into sections. How and where you do that is up to you, but a common use for Section 1 is to express how you feel about your topic.

For formatting purposes, the first section should only have a title if the text in the “Introduction” box is as long as the article image. If the introduction is not as long as the image, the first chapter should be either the entire body of the article, or the author's intro paragraph(s), and the title box should be left blank.

Text formatting and links work the same way they do in reviews and on the forums, using the following syntax:
  • To make Vibrators bold use syntax: [bold|Vibrators]
  • To make Vibrators italic use syntax: [italic|Vibrators]
  • To make Vibrators a link using the URL, use syntax: [|Vibrators]
  • To add image EdenFantasys Logo using the URL and image description "EdenFantasys Logo", use syntax: [img||EdenFantasys Logo]

Here is where you should insert any images (not the featured image) or videos you'd like to include.

  • Video Title:(Required: 5-100 characters.)
  • Enter the video's title in the box provided.
  • Description: (Required. Max 400 characters.)
  • In the box provided, describe the video in a way that will make sense to those viewing the video off the EdenFantasys site. Two or three sentences that highlight the topic and how it relates to your topic.
  • Tags: Required: Tags should be separated by commas and the first letter of the first word capitalized. (example: Tantus, G-Spot dildo, G-Spot, Dildo, Silicone; If your video contains nudity please add tag "Nudity".)
  • Categories: (Required. Min 1 and max 3 categories)
  • Choose which categories are most closely related to your video, and mark the check boxes by them.
  • Video File: (Required. Formats allowed: 3gp, mp4, mov, asf, flv, mpg, avi, mpeg, wmv, rm, dat, mkv, vob, m2v, m4v. Minimum length 5 seconds and max 1 Gb.)
  • Click the “Choose File” button and choose the file from your computer's directory, then click “Open.” Click upload and wait for the video to upload. When it's completed, affirm that you're over 18 and have the right to post this video by clicking the check boxes beside those statements. Finally, click “Submit” when you're finished. The page will open to the “Related Pages” section.
  • Preview: Please watch the video and make sure it uploaded correctly, you can hear yourself speaking clearly and there aren't distracting noises in the background. Click “Next” when you're finished.

The sidebar can be used for many different things. Some popular uses are related product advertisement, a side note, a definition, or extra information that is related to the topic but isn't necessary to the angle you're discussing.
If you'd like to add a sidebar to your post, fill out the sections included in the wizard following the directions provided, and then click “Save.” The code in full, including the information you entered will show up at the top of the section of text where you clicked the link. If you don't like it's positioning in the article, visually speaking, you may cut the code from your text (ctrl+x) and repaste (ctrl+v) where you think it will look best. Make sure you grab all brackets!
If you're splitting the article into sections, place the first section in the box provided, and then click the "Add a Section" button in the bottom left, and another section should open. If you're using this section for the entire body, enter it into the box provided, proofread it and then click the "Save" button in the bottom right of the wizard, and the Tags tab should open up automatically.

Step 6:

Check the boxes of up to 3 relevant tags. If you're not sure, Society>Sexuality is a good place to start.

Those 3 tags will appear with radio buttons at the bottom of this page. Choose which of the three is most relevant and click its respective radio button. Click “Save.” The “Bibliography” tab should open automatically.

Step 7 (optional):

If you quoted someone within the article, or you got the bulk of your information from anywhere other than your own mind (a website, book, news article, etc.), you should cite your source in the “Bibliography” tab. You can add as many sources as you like. Fill out the boxes provided according to the instructions for your first source, and click “Add.” The source should appear above the wizard. When you're finished with your first source, fill out the boxes again with the information for your next source and click “Add” again. This tab is optional. When you've added all the sources you'd like to include, click on the “Related Articles” tab.

Step 8 (optional but preferred):

Click the “Related Articles” tab. Search the SexIs site ( for keywords related to the article. Choose 3 - 5 articles from at least 4 months ago or older. Paste the url into the box and click add. Must do this for each link separately. Please do not add links to your own articles to this section. They already show up in the sidebar under “Other Articles by This Author.” When you're finished adding links, click on the “Product Recommendations” tab.

Step 9:

The next tab is Product Recommendations. Enter the URL for your public wishlist and click “Add.”

Step 10:

Click on the “Submit Article” tab and click the preview link to view your article as it will appear on the site. Make sure all tags are closed, the image shows up right, links work, etc. When you're sure, click the green “Submit for review” button.