Support of review program: Eden Bloggers Program

Eden Bloggers Program

EdenFantasys' Eden Bloggers program provides bloggers with the unique opportunity to earn gift cards to our website in exchange for blog posts about us. We often refer to these posts as testimonials, as they are too casual and freeform to be classified as reviews (however, you are free to write a review of a product for the program). Eden Bloggers is a popular choice with many family-oriented and product review bloggers, because we allow bloggers to be creative with the type of content they post about us, and do not require any explicit content or keywords. Check out our Twitter stream, @EdenBloggers, to see links to blog posts that bloggers have written for us.

How it works
In exchange for a positive blog post about EdenFantasys, we will compensate you with a $25 gift card (the gift card will be delivered via email), though sometimes the gift card may be higher (determining factors include blog age, content, Google PageRank, Alexa ranking, traffic, blog/social network followers, and audience demographics).
Approved bloggers may write a blog post about EdenFantasys as often as once every four weeks, and receive a gift card as compensation for every approved post. But there is no expectation as to how many posts you write for us - write 1, 5, or 25 (just make sure that they're at least four weeks apart)!

Blog requirements
In order to qualify for Eden Bloggers, you must have an established, active blog that is at least two months of age and is publicly accessible. Your blog should be updated regularly, with no more than a 2-3 weeks between blog entries. We do respect and expect disclosure policies; however at this time we are primarily working with blogs that utilize site-wide disclosures rather than per-post (individual) disclosures.
Please note that we are unable to work with blogs that are hosted on (example:, due to's regulations regarding adult/affiliate links. Tumblr blogs are only accepted if you have 500 or more followers, and/or a Google PageRank of 1 or higher.

Post requirements
* 200 or more words
* A minimum of 2 text links to
* You may use your partner code within links (for affiliate earnings), but the first 1-2 links in your post should not contain your partner code
* Optional: include a banner for an additional $5 (make sure that the link does not contain your partner code)
* All links without a partner code must be marked as dofollow
* All links with a partner code (including banners) must be marked as nofollow
* Content should be relevant to EdenFantasys and positive in nature
* Content must be unique (no copied content from our website, other online sources, or previous blog entries)
* Post must be for the current date (no back-dating of posts)
* Post must be permanent (it should be accessible via the provided URL for as long as your blog is active)

Suggested blogging topics
You can write a post that introduces EdenFantasys to your readers; or a post that highlights products you'd like to own, or perhaps already own. Some ideas for posts include: EdenFantasys' current promotions; recent additions to our shop; romance & intimacy and romantic/sensual items; improving relationships and sex after children or other big life changes; your favorite sex toys; bath/body/makeup products; our lingerie/bras/club wear, etc.

To join Eden Bloggers, email with your name, email address and blog URL. You will receive a detailed response with further information within 2 business days.