Support of review program: Where to start

Where to start

Assemble your team first.

We suggest you create at least 2 public profiles of your employees. It is a good idea to invite one employee from the product development team, then one who is responsible for marketing and outreach (especially all things social: your blogger, twitterer, facebooker, etc…) and of course someone from the top management. Once you have chosen your team members, assign a team leader. This person will be your company profile administrator.

Tips for successful communication:
  • Personalization: attach an actual face or two to your company, be human.

  • Openness: be honest, a typical sales pitch or PR approach will not work. Show your human side and you will garner more attention, sympathy and create your brand ambassadors.

  • Respect: be respectful to the community members and your competitors.

Tips for delegating administration:
  • Your team leader/administrator will be able to invite new employees from your company or deactivate others.

  • The employee you choose as team leader/account administrator does not need to be one of your in-house employees. It can be a representative of your marketing company or even simply a fan of your company who has agreed to moderate the account.

Step 1. Everyone on your designated team is required to create a personal account on (This takes about 5 minutes). Register

Tips for profile set up:
  • There are user names and screen names, which you can make the same if you wish. Try to select a screen name that is as informative and transparent as possible. This name will identify you in all places on the website.

Step 2. Email us at to request your company's account activation. Please include:
  • Your name/ position

  • company name

  • phone number where we can reach you

We will call you within 24 hours to verify that it is indeed a valid application authorized by your company. Once we confirm the authorization, we will send you a link to your blank company profile and administrative account.

Step 3. Once your account has been authorized, you can start with many things (in no particular order): setting up your company profile, authorizing other employees to work on their share, working with your products, and so on.

The order we suggest:
  1. Invite all employees from your team. Set their access level.

  2. Complete and publish your company profile.

  3. Review your products. Once we confirm and issue your company profile URL, we will populate the Product section with all products from your company that EdenFantasys currently offers for sale. We suggest that you review the product lists and confirm that those are indeed your products. All Reports are based on these products.

  4. Create the first announcement in your profile. A good subject would be the launch of your profile, introduction of your team members and "Hello to the world and the community!" Repeat the announcement in your Forum (available on your company profile page).

  5. Find a product that is not in Eden's catalog and try to go through the New Product Wizard to put it on the site. It won't take you more than a few minutes and you will see the product appear instantly on the website (in your profile, on the Company Services Home page, Eden Home page and more…)

  6. Review the News Feed section in your company account. This is a string of events about or related to your products and your company that is happening right now:
    • new review published

    • follow up review published

    • forum post discussing your product started

    • new product uploaded

    • any other information relating to your company or products

  7. Explore Reports.

    We all love to see how our products are performing. This is our passion, our sweat and blood that goes into the business. The reports we offer now (with more coming in the 2nd release) show the main indicators that we believe are of interest to every manufacturer.

    To mention a few: Market Share and Market Penetration reports, Order Composition, Return Reasons, Ratings and more. Sign up for free, then order them and study them. Let us know what other reports you would like to see.

    All reports are generated once a day. Therefore, after you go through the report request wizard, your requested reports will be ready the next day. Check in the next day and the report will be ready to view in your account. You will not be limited in the number of reports you can generate - so, get creative and explore this very valuable tool!

    Some of the reports disguise the competitor data and some of the reports show only relative numbers - all of these are well thought through efforts to balance between the transparency of the data and the need to respect data that is intimate to the other companies.

Step 4. Promote your products.

There are many ways to promote your products and get them noticed.
  1. Strive for the best product quality and performance as well as overall appeal.

  2. Announce your upcoming products by uploading them as soon as you're ready to market them.

  3. Sponsor reviews. Not only will a thorough review give you and your customers information, it also produces some buzz in the community that will definitely spread well outside the Eden website; we recommend that you sponsor all new upcoming products for review as well as some staple products.

  4. Sponsored reviews are written by Eden community experts on each product provided for free to us. Contact us beforehand to arrange the sponsored review. We recommend that you send us several products at once for simplified logistics. We will assign those products to various community experts and ship them out individually to the reviewers. Once the review is published, it will prominently and permanently display your company's logo on the review page and on the product page.
    Aside from grammatical edits, we do not exert editorial control over the review content. Please be advised that the review will be published in its entirety and without editorial changes. You will be able to contact the author.
  5. Sponsor promotions. EdenFantasys has a unique promotion engine that allows us to create any online promotion instantaneously. It can be created with any product sets and be immediately (or at your chosen 'go-live' time) displayed on the website and emailed to all subscribers. We offer opportunities of co-promoting your products on Eden. If you sponsor promotions, your company's logo will be displayed on product details pages and the promotion detail page indicating your participation. Please contact us for details.

Step 5. Promote yourselves, your company, and your vision.

  1. Arrange an interview. The Eden community loves interviews with manufacturers; and companies that have already participated (Tantus, Evolved, BSwish - Interviews ) are very satisfied with the experience.

  2. Sponsor an article on SexIs - our online sex magazine for a new generation.
    It all starts with two simple words: "sex is"... From there, SexIs magazine jumps in with both feet - featuring smart, fun and provocative advice and how-to articles, as well as information on health and relationships. This is a collective work - by, of and for the people. With articles by sex educators and professionals as well as slice of sex life pieces written by real people talking about their actual experiences, providing important information and honest opinions as well as in-depth analogies toward the constant evolution of our sexual culture.
    SexIs's informational, educational and fun spirit coupled with in-depth coverage will align your brand with this thoughtful, active and open-minded generation. Contact us for further information.

  3. We do a weekly email blast for our thousands of subscribers. The blast is a different theme every week, complete with stunning designs and exciting content. We love to feature manufacturers that have a message to convey. Contact us to arrange an email blast featuring your company and your products.

  4. Participate in the Forums. Please try to answer all of the questions people post in your Forum; by building ties with community, you're assuring the long-term brand presence.

  5. Note: Don't worry if you feel someone is behaving badly on the forum and you feel the situation is getting out of control. Try to mediate the issue, let us know as soon as possible so our experienced mediators can intervene at the earliest stage. As a last resort, we will shut the thread down and disable access for those who created the situation.
    The Forums allow for different types of discussions: simple text discussion, polls (anonymous and not) and comparative discussions - and a mixture of all of the above - created for complex subjects with multiple sub-topics. This is an incredibly useful place to get instant feedback from a broad range of consumers.

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