Support of review program: EdenPoints - How it works

EdenPoints - How it works

EdenPoints is a reward program that allows you to earn points for every order, as well as other activity on EdenFantasys. Points can be converted to gift cards and applied to your next order.
Review activities that earn points, and the amount of points you can earn by visiting EdenPoints Program from your account dashboard.

How to spend points
Converting points to an Eden Gift Card
1. Visit your account dashboard and click EdenPoints Program.
2. Click Convert to gift card next to your point balance.
3. Enter amount of points to convert, click Generate gift card.
4. Click Go to gift cards to view all of your converted gift cards.
Applying point gift card to order
Add items to cart and enter your point gift card into the Enter your Gift Card Code field at checkout. Click Submit. The appropriate amount will be applied to your order. Point gift cards can be combined with any other offers currently in your cart.

New accounts, trial period
All new accounts start out with the EdenPoints Program in Trial stage. This stage has lower limits on how many points you can earn, as well as less actions that are rewarded with points.
Your account will be upgraded to Regular stage after 15 days and after the following mandatory actions have been completed:
• Activate discussion service
• Publish public profile
• Verify your email

Applying point gift cards to order
Point Gift Cards may be applied to 15% of your total amount due. The balance will have to be paid with regular payment methods accepted on the website.
Point Gift Cards can not be used to purchase EdenFantasys gift cards.
“Point farming” or repeating daily actions excessively for the sole purpose of collecting points is frowned upon. We reserve the right to remove points from your account, disable your point earning ability or disable your account altogether.
Points for order
Points for order are added to your Pending balance until order shipment.
Any amount paid with gift cards will not be included in the total amount of the order when calculating points to be awarded.
Any purchased gift cards will be excluded from the total amount of the order when calculating points to be awarded.