Proofreading Program instructions

The EdenTasks Proofreading Program allows you to earn points for proofreading EdenFantasys reviews and SexIs Social articles. This is a great opportunity to earn even more points with EdenFantasys.

How it works

First, you need to activate the EdenTasks service in your account. You must complete the basic settings such as: personal info, email, avatar, have a rank of 5.1 or higher, and submit your request to become an editor. Editors are accepted based on need and past performance. Not everyone will be approved; we require editors to be very well-written and have very good reviews and/or articles.

Once you are approved, you can visit the Task Market where you will find all currently available tasks. Once you find a task you’d like, simply click on “Take task” and this task will be assigned to you. Be advised that other editors may also be browsing the Task Market and take a task before you do; in this case, you will see a message that the task is no longer available. Each editor may not proofread more than 3 articles or reviews a day.

After you’ve taken a task successfully, you may start working on it. If you decide you do not want the task after all, you can unlock it and it will go back to the Task Market. You may only have one task at a time, until that task is completed.

In order to start working on the review or article, click on “Proofread review/article” button and you will be redirected to the review or article. In the review or article wizard, you may leave comments for the contributor with notes on needed corrections or make the actual corrections in the article. Please be responsible - this is not your submission and the author may not be happy to see his/her writing has been re-written. Be sure you read through the Editor’s Guidelines and understand them fully before taking your first task. All editor’s must be in compliance with the Editor’s Guidelines.

Once you’ve made your comments or corrections, you may click the buttons “Approve & Publish”, “Revision required”, or “Transfer to administrator”.


Approve & Publish

Before you approve and publish the review or article, there are a few tasks you must complete.
  1. Read the review or article.
  2. Correct all minor typographical errors and mistakes.
  3. Make sure the review or article is tagged correctly.
  4. Categorize the review or article in the “Categories” tab.
  5. Check the sources and any facts that seem off.
  6. Preview the review or article to be sure it's formatted correctly and follows the Editorial Guidelines.

When you feel that the review or article does not need anymore improvements, and it complies with the Editorial Guidelines, you may hit the “Approve & Publish” button and the submission will be marked as approved and published immediately. The task will be marked as finished and the points will be added to your account.

Revision required

When the submission requires extensive corrections and you have provided directions for the reviewer in the comments section, you may click “Revision required” and the review will be returned back to the submitting author for changes. No points will be added at this time. Points will be added once the review or article is published.

Transfer to administrator

In rare cases when the review or article violates the ToS, you cannot improve the article, or the submitting author does not participate in the process, you may transfer the submission to the administrator. No points will be issued since no successful result was delivered.

Each task has a due date of 3 days for reviews and articles. If you don’t complete the task on-time, it may be unlocked by the administrator and returned back to the Task Market.

Any task may be canceled at any time if we notice any issues or misuse of EdenTasks. Likewise, an editor can lose their access and be removed from the program for misuse or deviation from the Editor’s Guidelines.


Can I proofread my own articles or reviews?

No, you cannot proofread your own reviews or articles as part of this program.

When will I receive my EdenPoints?

Points will be issued immediately after each task is completed. For the Proofreading Program, your task is completed when you approve and publish the submission. Some tasks may require additional verification; in these cases, you will receive the points once the task is reviewed and approved by an administrator.

Something isn't right with this submission. What should I do?

Transfer it to Administrator and send a message to them, letting them know you sent their submission to the Admin.