How it works

The Mentor Program

*Mentor Program is closed.


In order to improve the overall quality of participation in the community we have created a system that will allow the more experienced members of our community to become teachers. These Mentors will help to educate and advise the newest reviewers joining our community, and help them to learn how to become an more experienced and well rounded contributor.

What is a Student?

A student is any new reviewer who decides to participate in the Mentor Program.

How do I become a Student?

You have to be a basic reviewer, and you may participate in the Mentor Program by activating it in the Contributor account. Contributors with the service level Basic are eligible for Mentor program.

What is a Mentor?

A Mentor is a an advanced reviewer who would like to help our new reviewers (Students) learn what makes a good review, which approach works best when testing and review writing, and also to help them become more experienced contributors.

How to become a Mentor?

In order to become a Mentor you need to have Contributor Rank of at least 6.0, and the desire to help the new contributors that are coming into our community. You can participate in the Mentor Program by requesting to join in your Contributor account.

  • The Mentor applies for the Mentor Program with a quick description about their area of expertise, and what kind student he/she might look for.
  • The administrator reviews the request, and approves or declines the request.
  • Once the Mentor is approved, he/she appears on the list of available Mentors in the Student account.

How Students can apply for a class

  • A Student can select a Mentor from the list of available Mentors.
  • The Student writes an introduction to the Mentor.
  • The Mentor must either accept or decline mentoring the Student.
  • Once a Mentor takes on the Student, all other class requests for other Mentors must be cancelled.
  • Once mentor takes the student, a new class is created automatically.

Activities in Class

  • Once a Mentor takes on a Student, the Student becomes eligible for push assignments.
  • The Mentor can contact the administrator and request push assignments for a student.
  • The administrator can create a push assignment, and Student should complete the order (like a regular assignment).
  • Student can submit their reviews to the Mentor.
  • The Mentor will be notified by email every time the Student writes a new review, while the student is in the class.
  • The Mentor will be able to see the submitted reviews and comment on them, and either publish or return to the Student for revisions.
  • The Student is able to see the comments left by the Mentor, modify the review, and re-submit to the Mentor.
  • The review will have a label that it was completed in assistance with their Mentor, if it was published by Mentor.

A Mentor may indicate in the account that he is no longer available for new Students to guide. A Mentor also will not be available if he/she already has 2 current classes. Mentor can discontinue a relationship with Student at anytime by cancelling the class with Student.

The communication between the Mentor and Student will be performed through the comments directly on the review or via messaging system.

Graduation or The student didn’t pass

  • After the Student completes 2 reviews, the Mentor should make a decision to either graduate, or to not graduate the student. At this time the Mentor can also request that the Student writes another review.
  • Once a Student is graduated, the service level changes from Basic to Advanced Level.
  • The Mentor will receive a $25 gift card once the Student (with Basic level) finishes the class with any outcome (graduate or didn’t pass).

As a more experienced member of the community, you the Mentor will now have the opportunity to make a difference in improving the standards of the community. You will be directly educating the Student on the ways of the community. For you the Student, this is your chance to learn from the more experienced Mentor. You will be able to ask questions, get advice, and receive feedback.