Video Review Upload Guidelines

Basic instructions to begin your upload.

Videos with incorrect titles, descriptions, tags or categories may be declined until the errors are corrected. All videos must be uploaded to our server. You can do this via your Media Library, the review template or on EdenTube.


Should include (The name of the product) (The type of product) (Type of Video - ex. Review, Slideshow, Commercial, Personal, Bloopers, Vlog, Adult)


Describe the product using two or three sentences that highlight the product, what it is, what it does and why it is good or bad, similar to the summary you do for your written review. (example: The Better than Chocolate by Nomi Tang is an innovative clitoral stimulating vibrator with amazing touch sensor controls. Three vibration patterns as well as multiple strengths are lockable to keep you on that "just right" setting; making these controls a step above anything normally seen. The ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the hand and against the body.)


Choose your tags from the check boxes available. Please choose at least one tag from each category but no more than three or four tags from any one category. If there is not an applicable tag for the product you have reviewed in a category, skip that category.


Please choose 1 Category that fits your video. Regular video reviews should choose Review. Adult video reviews should choose one of the adult categories. Slideshows should choose the Commercial category. Please don't choose Demonstration, etc, unless you have made arrangements to do an actual Demo.

Target Audience

Choose public or private video. Private videos should be used sparingly and are not paid.


Be sure your file is an approved file type, that you’ve been given permission to upload it, that it is within appropriate size ranges. If you have problems with your upload, wait a bit and try again. Clear your cache or try a different browser. If problems persist, email and she’ll try to assist you with in 48 hours.


Click this once the entire video has uploaded and all other areas are complete

After this you will need to follow the rest of the steps in the wizard. Be sure to go all the way to the end or your video will not upload properly.

If you have not done your Title, Tags, Description, and Category properly you may be asked to correct the error before you are eligible to receive your gift card.