Video Review Contents Requirements

Video Review Contents

All video reviews should follow this basic template for content. Creativity is welcomed but straying too far from the required/suggested contents may cause us to ask you to redo your video before payment can be made.


This section should be a greeting with the reviewer announcing their name/screen name and the name and type of the product they are reviewing. (Vibrator, cock ring, dildo, lingerie, etc)


This section should be a brief description of what the product can be used for. Is it a rabbit vibe for dual stimulation? A clitoral vibe? A g-spot vibe? A male masturbator? A hands free masturbator? You do not need to cover every possibility but should give the basic, intended purpose and any special ways you've found to use the product.


Material specifications are already on the product page and in the written review, as are product dimensions. These two things should be gone over very briefly in the video review. If the product's dimensions are noticeably different from the product page, please contact us before you do either a text or a video review! Focus should be on how it feels, on showing the viewer how it bends, flexes, squishes, remains rigid, rotates, the texture, not the specifications and statistics. Show them the things you can't easily show in text!


Focus here on specific visual design features that are difficult to show in text. Controls, how the batteries go in, how to charge, unusual things about the toy that deserve special notice.


How the toy performed for the reviewer. Battery/charge life, life span of the product, was it waterproof, did it hold up, etc.


Very brief, one or two sentences describing how to store and how to clean. Most of this should be covered in the text review, not the video.


Not required and should be a very brief portion of the video.

Personal comments

Just a few sentences, should be kept brief, summarize overall feelings on the product or stress something not covered in the rest of the review that may be important.