Our Commitment to Privacy

At EdenFantasys, we're committed to our customers' privacy and have made this a high priority. Because of this, we've taken every precaution to eliminate the loss and dissemination of any and all sensitive and personal information. Using the best and most-up-to-date security software on the market, we ensure that customers' transactions and data stay with us.

First of all, every box we ship is tightly sealed in plain brown paper, and thus tamper-proof, hiding all contents from view. The return address on every postal label, the bill itself, and credit card statement all read the same: Joy and Evy Dogs, Inc. 640 Airport South Parkway Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30349-8652. We will neither sell, exchange or otherwise benefit from the information a customer provides on the website and will never contact our customers unless directly asked to. An "OPT-IN" prompt allows customers to make this decision for themselves.

Customers needn't worry about security issues, as our network and proprietary software architecture are PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security compliant. Using the PCI Data Security Standard as its framework, CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) provides the tools and measurements needed to protect against cardholder data exposure and compromise across the entire payment industry. In August, 2005, we passed the compliance test for Level 2 VISA vendors. Among many other things, the compliance means that we do not store cardholder information on our servers. The information gets erased immediately after submission to VISA/MC data centers for processing charge authorization.

ScanAlert, a program that acts like a hacker, probing for all known ways to break into servers, polices our LAN (Local Area Network) for being hacker-proof. In this way, hackers are stopped even before they get started. Verisign provides us with 128-bit encryption protocol with secure keys, which further ensures our customers against hackers and tampering. Our site's certification can be verified by clicking on their banner, which is placed in the upper right corner of every page.