Get rotating banner code

EdenFantasys is introducing a new way to present banners on your site - Rotating banners program. Periodically, the banner ads will change based on seasons, events and promotions occuring on the site. All of the banner rotations will be managed by EdenFantasys staff, so once you copy the code, you will not have to copy it again for each new banner.

Participating in our rotating banners program is easy:
  1. Choose a banner size you like and copy the code shown on mouseover.
  2. Insert the code into the template of your blog (sidebar, header).
  3. Enjoy the periodical change of banner, managed by EdenFantasys staff.
Please note:

If you do not want anything explicit on your banners, choose one of the non-adult banner codes. If you will accept something more spicy, please choose one of the adult banner codes.

Non-adult banners