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Touch and Be Touched -
Erotic Massage

Set the mood for romance with romantic massage candles, oils, and bath essentials, and entice your partner with your loving touch.

Sweet Kisses -
Edible Paints,
Flavored Lubes

Engage your senses with edible paints and oils, and transform your foreplay into new, unforgettable experiences!


Vibrating Love Rings

Stamina for him, vroom for her, and pleasure for both! Vibrating love rings are a simple and effective addition to your love routine. Enjoy long-lasting passion with rechargeable luxury rings.

C-shaped Vibes for Sex

Take your love-making to the next level with passionate vibes. Worn internally during intercourse, C-shaped vibes feature two arms. One end provides incredible g-spot massage during penetration, as the external arm delivers exciting clitoral stimulation. Keep your hands free, and your orgasms intense!

Gender bending and Strap on Sex

Strap-on sex is a great way to provide hands-free penetration and heighten your sexual experience! People of all sexual orientations, genders, ages and abilities enjoy strap-on sex.

Finger Vibrators

Finger vibes are the simplest way to introduce vibration to your lovemaking, and offer endless stimulation possibilities.


Restraints and More

Light up your senses with sensual bondage. Take control with restraints and blindfolds, and excite your lover with soft feathers and playful floggers. Explore thrilling fantasy and come together for adventure!

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