Regular masturbation is an essential part of men’s sexual health and wellness. Masturbators can greatly enhance fantasy, increase stamina with regular use, and help with ED problems.

Hands-Free Masturbators

Some masturbators include a built-in vibrating element which allows for hands-free stimulation and more intense sensations.


Benefits of Prostate Massage

Prostate massage has incredible pleasure and health benefits. Prostate stimulation improves blood flow in the area which is important to keep it healthy. Prostate toys make locating and stimulating the P-spot easy, and with so many nerve endings, prostate massage can also be a very pleasurable experience. There are lots of nerve endings in the prostate area making it a pleasurable experience.

Massagers Types

Prostate massagers feature curved, bulbous tips and a flared base. Some massagers house a vibrating bullet for additional stimulation.

How to Use
Prostate Massagers

Start with a generous amount of quality anal lubrication, and a patient hand. Recline into a prone position and insert slowly, with the curved tip facing upward. Prostate massagers are designed to stay in place while you gently rock or squeeze your pelvic muscles around it. Vibration can make insertion and massage more comfortable.


Classic C-ring

C-rings help to prolong sensation and stamina by slightly constricting blood flow, allowing more control and intensifying release.

Vibrating C-ring

C-rings with vibrating attachments also deliver stimulation to the partner for simultaneous orgasms.

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