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Simply, girly is the absolute basic of our classic standard. From lavishing essentials to sexy and sleek; fun, flirtatious, and highly rated, the best feminine simplicities offered are found here. Anyone can embrace their girlishness at “Like, Ohmygosh!” because the truth is that everyone IS sexy. Take the opportunity to accessorize or just dress to impress. Here you will find the attention you deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s see how high your esteem can go. At “Like Ohmygosh!” we love to make you feel your sexiest.

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Luna pleasure bead system Luna pleasure bead system
LELO brings their high quality to you in the form of pleasure beads. Strengthen your pelvic muscles and enjoy the erotic sensation all at one time.


Vamp Vamp
$35.69 $41.99
For any Twi-hard out there, or even for anyone who just so happens to like sparkly vampires in general. The vamp warms and cools well for accurate temperature play.


Ami Ami
$34.29 $48.99
A three step vaginal exerciser that will tighten your muscles on your own time plan.

Total products: 3
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Cool store


very very cute things in the store


great store!


Great store!


Great store! You've chosen some great pieces that I've had my eye on for awhile.


Great store!







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