Are You Ready?

"Are you ready for it?" I growled into Tony's ear. "Are you ready for me to put it in you?"

Because I'd been stroking his cock with a fistful of slippery silicone lube for the past half-hour, repeatedly bringing him right up against the edge of orgasm before backing off, he was barely able to choke out an answer. "Yes. Yes. Do it!" he growled back.

His hand took the place of mine on his shiny-slick cock. I moved down to a more comfortable spot between his legs; I watched him pump his big tool for a few moments. I so wanted to climb aboard and ride at my own frenzied pace, but I'd promised him a special treat tonight.

Digging into the toy-drawer at the side of our bed, I shoved aside one of our favorite classics, Anal Pleasure and Health, a book that had launched our explorations into anal play years ago. We'd pored together over its pages enough times that our copy was dog-eared and torn, tattered from all the times we'd go directly from reading to fucking without taking time to shelve the book properly. Without that book, I feel certain we would have never had the courage to try this delicious kind of sexual play.

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Finally I laid my hands on one of our favorite P-Spot toys. He loved how the Probe's curves opened him up slowly, and then hit all the right spots inside him. I added a dab of lube to the Probe's tip, another between Tony's cheeks, and then nudged the toy into him.

His body lit up as the bulbous head of the Probe entered him. "You like that, don't you?" I asked, gently biting his thigh. "You like it when I fuck your ass with this?"

Tony whimpered, his hand a blur on his cock. As I thrust the Probe against his sensitive p-spot, Tony thrashed his head from side to side, calling out to all the gods and goddesses. My man loves to have his bottom fucked, and I love to be the one to give it to him.

Our eyes locked as I continued to thrust the toy into his bottom. His hand flew on his cock; I couldn't believe how well he was controlling his pleasure. Every time the Probe tickled his sweet spot especially hard, his entire body shuddered. I loved it.

His orgasm caught me by surprise. His legs tightened; I could little more than hold the toy steady in him as he put back his head and bellowed. Come flew over his belly and chest in a thick white spray, as he held his bursting cock so hard I feared he'd strangle it.

When his hand finally fell away, I curled next to his trembling body. I kissed his neck and chest, easing him back down to earth again. "Did you like that?" I murmured into his ear.

His response caught me off guard. He pushed me onto my back, opened my legs with one swift nudge from his knee, and ran his still-hard cock up and down my slit. "Did I like it? What do you think, you little vixen?"

I giggled, loving the sudden assault and the tease on my clit. But just as quickly as he'd started, Tony rolled away from me. "Where are you going?" I asked, distraught.

He fumbled in the bedside drawer, his hand emerging with a bottle of anti-bacterial toy cleaner. "I'm going to clean up, but when I get back, you'd better be ready for me to show you just how much I liked it."

"Don't take long," I pouted, as I grinned and leveled a sharp smack to his quickly retreating backside.

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