Tantalizing Travel

You stand in the sluggish line for airport security, daydreaming about your journey ahead. Crawling through the slow line, walking through the chirping metal detectors, having to remove your shoes, none of this bothers you as your mind removes you into flashes of fantasy. You're hiding a dirty little secret in your luggage. Maybe you're daring and have tucked the toys in your carry on; this will make it through the security protocols. Or maybe you've decided to be more discrete and pack them in your checked baggage.

As you sit on the plane, you feel your freshly shaved, bare skin caressed by your clothes in the crotchless panties he can't yet see. You feel secretly naked, partially exposed in your silent deviance. Only you know what you're hiding beneath your clothing, what you've brought to make this travel utterly tantalizing.

You can envision your new toys as you shift anxiously in your seat beside him. The discrete, waterproof vibrator, the slap and tickle kit tucked in its bag, and the small massage candle packed between your swim suit and your lingerie. It beckons you from its stowing place. It begs to be indulged.

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As you deplane, the foreign scene greets your eyes. Fresh visual impressions wash over your mind as unfamiliar sounds lick at your ears. Vacation floods instantly through your veins; you feel the blissful freedom of it. Home, work, family, stress becomes nothing but an amnesic haze, temporarily suspended in your escape. You think only of what you're going to do to him.

He leaves the hotel room briefly, allowing you to seize the opportunity to lay out your surprise. The candle flickers softly from the nightstand as the sweet and sensual aroma snakes seductively through the air. You spread the restraints and feather tickler suggestively across the sheets. The vibrator waits anxiously for attention. The scene is set for you both to truly embrace your vacation.

His shock instantly dissolves into arousal at the sight. His hands cannot find you fast enough to discover the crotchless panties that have been waiting for him. The smell of the candle is intoxicating, thickening the sexuality between you. His fingers plunge into your exposed skin as you clutch him to you.

He takes the restraints and gently ties you down to the unfamiliar bed that echoes anonymously with all the sex that came before this. Your body cuddles into the mattress that cradled so many others, but you focus only on the intent in his eyes as he carefully restrains each of your limbs. You're pleasantly at his mercy. This is not your everyday home sex. The foreign environment, the travel has possessed and liberated you both.

The feather tickler sends ripples of sensations through your body. Your nerves sizzle at his teasing. The vibrator sends sparks raging up your back as you moan and writhe against your soft restraints. Your mind is utterly wiped of your normal life, your normal place, your normal person. You dissolve completely into his touch. Your package has earned its travel even before it is his turn.

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