Pleasing Mother Superior

It was Christine's birthday. I had a special surprise for her. When she came home from her jog, I gave her a big box. I told her to shower, and put on what she found in the box. I told her to not look in the box until she was going to get dressed. Christine was intrigued.

While she showered, I dressed in my brand new Nun's costume. We were going to have some birthday fun! Christine was raised Catholic, and she attended Catholic school with scary nuns, so she was going to enjoy this.

I heard her milling about in the bathroom after her shower.

"Are you dressed yet?" I yelled.

"Almost!" she yelled back. "I'm ready now!!"

"Get out here right now, young lady," I ordered in a deep, scary nun voice.

She came out of the bathroom, smelling like soap and looking oh, so naughty. She was dressed in the School Girl outfit I had bought for her.

"I am Mother Superior of the Church Of The Painted Pussy. You have been a very naughty girl! You got an 'F' on your test on fucking." I pulled out the crop. "For that, you get a spanking."

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"Oh, Mother Superior! I am not worthy!" she cried.

"No tears, child. This will hurt me worse than it hurts you," I sat on a chair. "Come over here and lie across my lap."

Christine giggled as she obeyed my order. I lifted up her skirt, and saw that she wore no underwear. I smacked her once on her delicious bottom. She giggled.

"Say your act of contrition," I ordered.

"Oh my Goddess," Christine said.


"I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee!"


"And I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of pussy..."


"Oh, My God, this is good!" she cried. "Mother Superior, beat me some more because I have been a naughty little girl."

I rubbed my palm against her delicious bum and my fingers then found her pussy. Her lips were warm. I ran my fingers around and in between her lips. She squirmed beneath me.

"Are you sorry for having been a naughty girl?" I asked.

"Yes, Mother Superior," she said.

"Do you agree that you deserve a spanking?" I asked.

"Oh, yes!" she said with enthusiasm.

Whack! She shook beneath me as I swatted her bum with the crop. She was very wet. Her juices flowed over my hand. I slid my fingers between her lips, and found her clit. I pressed on her clit in tight little circles. She squirmed. She spread her legs, and I slipped my fingers inside her. She gripped my fingers with her muscles. My thumb tweaked her clit. I spanked her once again with the crop. She bucked beneath me. One more swat, and she dug her feet into the carpet. My fingers worked inside her as my thumb circled her clit. She was hot, and wet, and she wanted me badly.

Her body went rigid, and then she humped my legs like a cat in heat. Her orgasms were always very intense. Her juices ran out and flowed over my thighs.

"You have said your penance, child. Now go in peace," I said. "The next time, we will hear your confession."

"Oh, Mother Superior, I have so much to confess!" she giggled.

Christine loved to play Confession. That was her favorite game. She was contrite until the next time, when Mother Superior gave her another delicious tongue-lashing.

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