Bottom's Up

Does your baby love the forbidden pleasures of anal love? If so, this is the package for you! It contains everything you need for one wild and crazy-assed adventure. Light the candles and dim the lights... treat your lover to a long, slow, sensual bubble bath. Then towel-dry her and lay her down on your big soft bed and love her some more.

Start out nice and slow... this is not a time to rush or hurry. Enjoy each and every moment, every stroke and touch and kiss of pleasure. Kiss her lips and tease her nipples... work your way down her body, loving and sucking and licking and kissing her everywhere.

Slowly, oh, so slowly, spread her thighs and glide your tongue between her legs. Tease her pussy with your fingers until she is dripping and aching for you to take her farther. Then tell her to turn over onto her belly and let you love her some more. You could even have her lay across a few pillows to lift her bottom and make her even more accessible for your every move.

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set

Slide your hands back up her thighs and in between her legs, dipping into her pussy and using her own juices to tickle her bottom hole. Use generous squirts of the Probe silky light lube to grease the smallest of the Wendy Williams anal trainer kit before using just the tip to press against her. Slide a finger or two into her pussy with one hand as you maintain steady pressure on the Booty Bumper. Work it in slowly but steadily and then build the rhythm until you are fucking her hard with it as well as your fingers.

Gradually transition her from one Booty Bumper to the next, working her up in size as her bottom relaxes and expands to accept each one. Be sure to use lots and lots of lubricant... more is definitely better! And back off if she resists or something seems to be causing discomfort. This is a night of pure pleasure!

When she is approaching her climax and seems to be begging for more with every fiber of her being, slide the largest Booty Bumper out of her bottom and quickly replace it with the well-lubed and battery-powered Tush trainer beginner. Don't run it on yet though... continue to tease her with your hands as you pull her up higher onto her knees and spread her legs even farther, pressing your cock up against her pussy.

Just tease her at first, with your cock and fingers, as her body adjust to the new sensation of the Anal Arouser. Use the lubricant to blend with the juices flowing from her pussy to moisten your cock. Then ease yourself deep inside her as you turn on the remote control and start making her bottom hum with vibrations. As you glide in and out of her pussy, you will both feel the effects and as your fingers continue to circle her clit, she will soon explode in orgasmic desire.

Give her time to recover but don't pull out of her... not yet. Slow the vibrations and movement of your body down if necessary for a few minutes before once again picking up the pace and going for round two. The only question that remains is how many times she will explode and which one of you will come the hardest. After your lovemaking, don't forget to thoroughly clean your new toys with the Universal toy cleaner with aloe.

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set
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