Hen Night Hijinks

We all know one- a bride-to-be who always plays it straight. She blushes when you she hears a dirty joke or when her beloved whispers naughty things in her ear. She's a good girl who deserves a good time. Maybe she's your sister or your best friend. You've been given the task of planning a bachelorette party.

Picture it, if you will- a private banquet room at her favorite restaurant or club with balloons and naughty games just for girls. Knowing she's not into male dancers, you find your choices limited- or do you? Book the room, plan for the drinks, and finalize the menu. When she pressures you for details, give them to her. Just a simple night at her favorite place with a few close friends. Sounds innocent enough, right?

It's a good idea to leaf through the book. Make a list of the ideas that really strike you as fun. A room full of women will be counting on you to make this night unforgettable. A little advanced planning will serve you well.

The day of the big event is going to be hectic. Between dress fittings and the rehearsal dinner, the bride is in full on stress mode. Make sure to offer your assistance. Arrange to have her arrive at the party location with someone else, preferably a designated driver. (We don't want her to be late for her own wedding!) After making sure she'll be in good hands, sneak out to get started on the decorating.

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Balloons are a must. You can simply fill them with air and tie them to tables and chairs or you can be a little daring. Fill a few with somesexy confetti and have them on standby. (When the evening comes to an end, hand each guest a balloon and ask them to gather around the bride and pop them simultaneously. She'll be showered in naughty shapes- an appropriate send off.) Save some of the confetti to decorate the table where the cake will be placed. Just remember to add the penis shaped candles to the cake!

As the guests arrive hand them each a male doodle pad and pen. Let them know that they'll be used for various games and activities. (Use the same pads to have a contest to see who can draw the most realistic looking man part.) Also hand them their penis shaped drinking straws, making sure to remind them to hang on to their own because at the end of the night the person holding the longest straw wins a special prize. (Remember to randomly size the straws by cutting the straight end off, leaving the penis shape intact.)

Finally, it's time for the bride to arrive. Greet her at the door with thesash that was made just for her. Since it's a party in her honor, serve her a drink and seat her in the center of the room. Give her the same party favors as the other guests and explain what they're for and let the fun begin. Have your camera handy! She's sure to blush like the bride she'll soon be.

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