Girl on Girl

Give your girlfriend the time of her life (and yours), all at the same time! Maybe you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary or some other memorable (and intimate) event in your lives. Whatever the reason, this package is a sure-thing for skyrocketing you both to ecstasy over and over again, while wrapped contentedly in each other's arms.

The possibilities here are as endless and unique as your emotions and your relationship. Whether you feel like being wild and crazy or quietly passionate, taking things hard and fast or loving each other slowly and sensuously, this is a guaranteed success. You can even take turns loving each other until the final moments or share in each other's joys and pleasures and passions from the very first moments.

Turn down the lights and pull down the covers or curl up on a large, plush rug beside a blazing fire. Take your time relishing the exploration of each other's bodies as you undress. Be sure to add batteries to your new vibrators beforehand and then and prepare to be driven out of your minds with mutual passion.

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set

Explore every inch of your lover's body with your hands and mouth, lips and tongue... and invite her to do the same to you. Work your way down to her toes and stretch yourself out beside her with your head near her feet. Start licking back up her body, beginning with the toes of one foot, then moving slowly up from her foot to her ankle to her calf to her thigh, then go back to her other foot and begin again.

Ignore her pussy for now... but only for the moment. Now turn your beloved over as you turn on the Silver impulse. Start at her neck and use the little gem to massage the muscles of her arms, shoulders and back before working downward toward her bottom and legs. Work your way down each leg and then back up, poking the little toy sensuously between her legs before pushing her back over onto her back.

Move back up to kiss her mouth long and slow, then linger over her neck as you use the vibrator to tease and tweak her stiffening nipples with your feather-light caresses. Alternate touches with the vibe and your fingers and mouth to get her moaning and yearning for your touch down below.

Do not stop until you have licked and stroked and kissed and buzzed everywhere BUT her pussy... finally working your way between her legs and kissing the oh, so tender insides of her upper thighs. Now dip your fingers into the lube and sensuously spread the lube all around her pussy, from her outer lips inward.

Give her a moment to adapt to the new sensations, then slowly, ever so slowly, begin blowing and breathing seductively onto her pussy, all over. Feel her writhe beneath your hands as she approaches ecstasy. Slide one finger into her pussy and feel her clamp down on you, begging you to stay with her and make her come. Tickle her with your tongue all over, taking plenty of time to feel her passion raging deep inside, begging for release.

If she's been giving you similar attention, the two of you should be struggling to fight off your orgasms by now. If not, then it is her turn to love you in similar ways. Again, encourage her to take her time and enjoy every touch she brings and every emotion she evokes.

When neither of you can stand it for one more minute, spread her legs again and apply another dose of lube before encircling her clit over and over, working in ever smaller circles as you bring her to her first thundering orgasm of the night.

Moisten her pussy once more with the lube before easing one end of the double dong deep into her pussy as your tongue laps up the remaining warming lube. Slide up on top of her and slip the other end into your own pussy before grinding down onto your lover. Move your body in rhythm with hers as you continue to kiss her lips and neck and nibble her nipple with your teeth and pinch them with your fingers. Soon, you will be blasting off on ecstasy together!

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set
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