Boys' Night Out

Boys will be boys and with this package, the boys will be playing from dusk until dawn.

With the inclusion of two vibrating cock rings, both of you can enjoy every moment of your time together to the max. Why not start with the cream, spreading it over each other as you kiss and stroke and taste each other's bodies? The ginseng will keep you going for hours, not that you will have any trouble making this might last anyway.

Can't you just feel his hands on your shaft, and yours on him? You stiffen hard and strong beneath his touch and he does the same with yours. This is only the beginning but you both find it hard to believe that it really could get any better. But there is so much more to come, for both of you!

Turn on your rings and see who can last the longest or take the most vibration before they are begging to come? But not yet... the night is just beginning!

Use your new anal lube to work yourselves (each other) into a frenzy of steamy sweat and passion. Intimate kisses will surely abound as your hands grope and probe each other's most private areas. Since you will both be wired for sound, why not take turns?

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set

Put your partner on his hands and knees and add some extra lube as you slide between his legs and grasp onto his balls. You can reach around to turn up the vibrations on his cock ring, too, thereby heightening his pleasure. As you feel him open eagerly to your probing fingers, take the whip into your other hand and play it gently across his back and bottom.

The blend of soft and hard, gentle and rough will confuse his mind and send his senses reeling as you plunge deep within him. As you quicken your pace and increase your tempo in time with his passion, build the intensity of the lashes you are raining down on his back and ass. Whip him hard as your cock rings buzz and your senses reel and the two of you collapse into a crescendo of passion as you explode inside him.

Then it is his turn to return the favor and you can drop to your knees on the bed as he makes slow, sweet, sensual love to you. It is your turn to feel his hands on your ass and his fingers deep inside. Slowly, oh, so slowly, you will feel the spreading warmth of the cream as he spreads it on, then works it deep into all your secret folds.

Finally, at long last, you will feel him pressing himself against your ass, reaching around you now to play with your own buzzing ring, and your now heavy balls. You know what's coming next but it doesn't prepare you for the shock of feeling him glide so deeply into you as the tips of the flogger tickle and tease down your spine and across your bottom.

The sensations overwhelm you and soon enough, you find yourself soaring toward another climax of your own as he drives deep and hard and fast while pelting you with a shower of lashes, stinging and freeing. When he is satiated, he will roll off and you will envelop yourselves in each other's arms for even more of those passionate kisses.

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set
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