Sensual Sauna for Two

Bath time has never been so much fun! Take your lover by the hand and head off toward the bathroom for a wet and wild adventure.

Start by setting the scene with a few candles and dimming the lighting. Fill the tub to just the right level with nice warm water. As the tub is filling, allow the stream to cascade over one of the bath salts, preparing the water for the events to come.

Be sure to have everything you need close at hand so you want for nothing but insurmountable pleasure as the evening unfolds. If the bathroom is apt to be a little chilly, maybe turn up the heat as the tub fills, to be sure you and your lover are cozy from beginning to end. Oh, and go ahead and turn down the bed sheets too, because that is almost certainly where you will be headed, together, once you are both squeaky clean and ever so relaxed and ready for even more loving.

Slowly undress your partner and then yourself, lingering over one another with passionate kisses and soft caresses. Gaze into her eyes and slide your hands sensuously down her naked body as her clothing falls away, baring her to your every touch. Place a plush bath towel on the counter before lifting your partner up onto it and settling her firmly into position as your hands roam down her belly and stroke ever so gently between her legs, urging her to spread herself open to your fingers.

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Touch and stroke and taste and kiss her deeply in this most sensitive area, whispering sweet words of love as you go. As you dip deep inside her and begin to feel her wetness seeping out from between her legs, ease her legs wider apart, perhaps encouraging her to wrap the around your waist or over your shoulders. Settle in between her legs as you use her own lubrication to massage all around her eager pussy.

Fill the sink beside her with warm water and have a washcloth close at hand. Star with the washcloth drenched in the warm water, taking plenty of time to smooth and ease it across every inch of your lover's pussy. Be sure her skin is wet and warm and ready. Squirt a small handful of shaving cream into your palm and gently apply it to her waiting flesh. Be sure to apply the lather copiously all over her pussy before applying the razor confidently but slowly to her pussy.

Always shave in the direction that the hair grows, if you can tell. Try to only go over each area once, so be sure each stroke counts. Hold onto the razor firmly but lightly so as to feel and follow every contour, being sure not to push down or press into her delicate skin. Rinse the razor after every stroke. You can gently pull or flatten the skin as needed to make it easier to give a close shave to every inch of her pussy.

When you are finished and she is squeaky clean and her pussy is as bare as a newborn baby's bottom, be sure to slide your hand all over her once more, checking for any stray hairs or abrasions. At this point you can apply a little baby oil to her newly coifed skin or save that until after the rest of your bathing experience is complete.

When the tub is ready, help her in and settle her down at one end as you slide in directly across from her. Bend over to kiss her passionately once more. Touch and stroke and massage her body all over as your legs wrap around each other and your bodies entwine in the hot and steamy candlelit room. Now it's time for some serious relaxation for both of you.

Ease the duckie massager all over her body, across her neck and shoulders and down her back. Don't neglect a single area, but take your time bathing her with a hot, soapy washcloth before letting the duckie curl up in between her legs. Watch her face as her passion rises and the heat within her body matches and even surpasses the heat in the room. Stroke her face gently with one hand as you softly and sensuously stroke her bare pussy gently with your fingers and the new toy. Allow her to float on the vibrations emitted from the duck and her love for you and your fingers now playing a tune of their own deep inside her.

No doubt she will soon want to share her pleasures with you, and her gratitude, by taking the duck from your hands and kissing you deeply. Feel all your cares wash away as you bask in the heat created by your love for her and this special moment you've shared. When you've each had enough of the tub, take turns towel drying each other before heading off to bed, where you can more adequately explore her newly shaved nether regions and where she can more easily show you her thanks.

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