Fun for One

Who ever said a girl can't have the time of her life all by herself? This package includes everything you need, want and deserve. Treat yourself to a day all to yourself, or even just a few hours of fun and relaxation in orgasmic bliss.

Start with a nice warm, scented bubble bath... use your waterproof scrubbie to gently massage away all your stressors, aches and pains. Massage your shoulders and caress your breasts as your worries vanish into the mist. Use the bubbles and lots of scented soap to work up a frothy lather before wiping down your legs and up your thighs to your waiting pussy.

Lay back against the side of the tub and revel in your own senses and pleasures as you scrub and rub and vibrate yourself to ecstasy. As you relax completely, you may want to give your new bunny a trial run. After all, she is waterproof, too!

Move the scrubbie up to rest on your breasts, vibrating softly as you slide your bunny down between your legs. Turn her on low and bask in the glow she brings as her ears tickle your clit ever so softly, teasing tantalizingly at the lips of your pussy. Let her wander inside just a little and feel the special churning in your soul that comes with being stimulated so deeply and intensely.

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set

When your bath begins to cool and you are craving even more stimulation, towel yourself off gently and prop yourself comfortably up in bed. Squirt some arousal crème into your palm and massage it gently (or not so gently) into every fold of your pussy, concentrating heavily on your clit.

As one hand continues to explore and massage between your legs, use the other to open to a particularly appealing story inside "My Secret Garden." No matter how many times you read these stories, they continue to work their magic over and over in climactic bliss. If your hand tires, add a bit more crème and switch back to your bunny. As amazing as she was in the tub, she can do even more incredible things to your body and mind where you really have room to spread out, lay back and get comfortable.

Try to keep your muscles relaxed and see how close you can get to orgasm without actually coming... tease and release. Then do it again and again, never quite allowing yourself to peak and reminding yourself to keep your legs relaxed and your tummy soft. Tickle and tweak your clit until you are sure you are going to explode. Then just as you reach the climactic ending of your story, slide the bunny deep inside her new "nest."

You will feel her pulse and throb and vibrate and convince your oh, so sensitive G-spot to explode in ecstasy. Leave her in, buzzing away strongly until the last contractions of your pussy have faded. Then slowly work her in and out a few times more before bring her interactive little ears back out to play once more with your hungry, needy clit. Feel them wrap around you, tingling and churning.

See how long you can hold off again, using her to taunt you with her steady persistence. Relax every muscle, every fiber of your being, and give in to the feelings in your body and the stirrings in your soul. When you can't take it for even a second more, just lay back and let yourself go!

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set
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