Dirty Boy

"You've been a dirty, dirty boy," I breathed into his ear. "Look at this filthy room I'm going to have to work all night."

I moved my full breasts which threatened to escape from my uniform back from his face and put my hands suggestively on my hips. His eyes began at my feet and wandered up the thigh-high tights which hugged my legs. His sight traced the edge of my skirt and licked up over my apron to settle on my cleavage. He drank me in from my feet up to my eyes.

I resisted a smile trying to peek out of my mouth and fluttered my feather duster in his face.

"So dirty," I purred. "Now I'll have to clean up after you."

I spun around sensuously and moved around the room, letting my hips sway and rock exaggeratedly with each step. I could feel his eyes chase me as I flicked my duster over the furniture and picked up random articles of clothing strewn about. I could feel his desire thickening the air.

I let a shirt tumble from my hand and crumple on the floor. I cast a devious eye back at him before I hinged at my hips and bent over to retrieve it. I lingered with my fingers wound in the cloth as I heard him stand and step toward me.

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His hand lightly traced the back of my thigh and moved up under the ruffle of my skirt. I remained helplessly bent before him as his fingers began to explore. He teased the edge of my panty line slowly. I felt his fingertips shift the fabric, and I moaned as he traced my wetness.

His finger slid up and down my slippery skin. My nerves began to sing as warm sensations rolled down my spine. The blood and the pleasure rushed down to my head as he began to lightly massage my clit. Then his finger plunged inside me, and I was rocking on my feet, back and forth with his small thrusts.

He reached up and peeled my panties down, exposing the curve of my ass. As he pushed the panties to the floor, he flipped my skirt up. I felt the air caress my bare skin and him step behind me.

He pushed into me firm and deep. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me back into him. Our bodies collided in sweet impact. My fingers pressed desperately into the floor to hold me up against our sex.

He reached around and groped at my breasts, tugged on my apron. My hair tumbled from its bun down around my face. My nerves screamed as I felt him deeper and deeper with each wonderful thrust.

The moment dissolved into nothing but our fucking, nothing but the strangers we were feigning to be. It was only him moving so perfectly inside me with great excitement.

I could feel his rhythm quicken as the sensations swelled inside me. I felt my muscles clenching deep below my surface. The orgasm shook my center as I felt him dissolve into the shutters of his own. He collapsed against me and laid his head on my back.

"You are a dirty boy," I panted.

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