That's a Good Boy

"Come here boy." I glared at him, almost daring him to disobey me. He knew better than that, and came into the bedroom, pausing in the doorway, his arms bracing himself on the doorframe. What a site to behold...a gorgeous Adonis body, tan, and ready for the taking. All I needed to do was get those pesky boxer briefs off him and onto the floor.

I gestured to the bed, and he walked towards me as I stood up. Placing one hand on his shoulder, and the other on the back of his head, I pulled him towards me, kissing him deeply.

His cock started to grow as I continued to ravage his mouth, and lightly ran my nails up and down his back. A few minutes more, and his length was straining to get out of his underwear. I had him exactly the way I wanted him. Quickly, I removed those damn briefs, and he was standing before me, naked and hard. God, he was so fucking hot. I reached down and began to stroke him, enjoying the expressions of joy on his face.

Without a word, I reached behind me, grabbing the cock ring, and still stroking him, I slipped it on. His eyes, which up until now had been closed, shot open.

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"This is to make sure you don't come too soon. I have plans for you, boy." My gruff voice was tempered by the raw desire I felt. I dropped to my knees and after a few cursory licks, I engulfed him. I could feel him twitch, and then swell even more, that cock ring holding him up nice and proud. I sucked him for a few minutes, then stood up, and bent him over the bed. I grabbed the lube, and after dribbling some on his ass, I probed one single finger into him. He pushed back onto me, so I added a second, slowly sliding them in and out. Once I had that rhythm down, and he was gently moaning with each stroke, I picked up the silicone plug and poured some more lube onto it. Placing the head of it at his ass, I told him to breathe in, and slowly pushed it into him. Ever so slowly, his ass swallowed the toy, and I thought to myself that I had figured out what made Jack so jolly.

"Can I please stroke myself? Please?" His voice cut into my head, bringing me back to the stunning man bent over the bed before me.

"You can, but don't you dare think about coming!" I responded as I pushed the toy in and out of him, following his cues, his hand stroking his cock in time with me. He seemed like he was getting close, and a gently pulled the toy out of him. Slipping a condom onto my dick, I lathered on a little more lube, and slipped into his waiting ass, his groans only encouraging me. Reaching around, I felt how hard his cock was, harder than I've ever seen him. He had sweat running down the side of his face, a look of combined concentration and extreme pleasure as I used my hands to bring him to and keep him at the edge of a climax he so desperately wanted. Finally, when I knew he was so close, and couldn't take it any more, I leaned forward, biting his ear lobe, and whispered "I'm going to let you come. I want to see you come so fucking hard." That was enough to push him over the edge into his climax, his body tensing in ecstasy.

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