Open up, beauty

I didn't need lube; my penis was wet enough in pre-cum from the need, and I slipped right in.  Her lips spread around me, her soft skin slowly enveloping my shaft as she sat down on me, let me in.  She was blindfolded, that beautiful Asian-inspired headpiece fitting perfectly around her small face, and unaware of what my plans were.  Tonight, she would not see me; she was only going to feel, taste, smell, and hear me.

As I whipped her waist with my chain tickler, she winced at the feel and shifted on top of me.  I chuckled a bit, and stroked where I had just hit her.  "What's wrong, little slut," I whispered as I sat up, her perked-up nipples brushing against my chest, "did that hurt you?"  She turned from me and nodded, her face becoming a bit flushed in embarrassment.  Again I smacked her, this time a bit harder, and she gasped, moving her hips up and slamming them down to meet my body.  It was obvious that she needed my thrusts, my movement into her - but I wasn't going to give that to her yet.

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"Did I tell you to move, little bitch?"  She shook her head at me, and I held her body down to myself with one hand.  Putting the tickler down, I grabbed my pair of bull nose nipple clamps, adjusting the fit and putting them on her nipples.  Biting her lip, she held back a moan and I pulled at the chain to make sure that she let it out.

She grabbed my shoulders, licking my collar bone, and whispered into my ear.  "Please, Sir, move into me."  I picked up the tickler again and whipped her thigh, feeling her soaking cunt clench around me as she whimpered from the pain.  My throbbing penis twitched inside of her, and I could feel her smirk on my skin as she wrapped her arms around my neck.  This time, I put the tickler down, and smacked her thigh with my hand.  She whimpered and begged me again, but I didn't budge.

I moved her body from mine and arched over to lick at her breasts, tug at the nipple clamps with my teeth.  Every pull made her gasp and moan and continue to beg for my cock, beg for me.  I twitched again and groaned, barely able to hold back any longer.  I sat back, brought her down with me, and ordered her to move against my thrusts.

Grabbing onto her hips, I slammed her body down on my cock, her gasps and screams evident of pleasure.  She held onto my shoulders, searched for my lips and licked me, begged against my tongue to move faster. In response, I tightened the nipple clamps and whipped her ass with the tickler, her pussy dripping around my erection.  With each thrust, I whipped her harder and she begged me for more, thanked me for each hit. I could feel her cunt tighten around me, and I whipped her again, more forcefully, and she screamed.

"Don't you come, slut," I demanded her, pumping my penis into her even faster.  But she begged me, her moans becoming louder with each thrust.

"Please, Sir," she begged, "please, let me finish with you."  And I had to.  Putting down the tickler, I grabbed onto her hips with both of my hands, moving into her and telling her, in a low, sultry voice to, "Come with me."  Screaming my name as she orgasmed, her pussy tightened around my penis as I shot into her, flooding her with my love. She smiled and collapsed on top of me, sighing and stroking my stomach. I took the blindfold off of her, wrapping my hands around her face and kissing her, and whispered into her ear: "I love you."

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